Bratt Decor is one of the thousand distributors of comfortable and convenient cribs. It is founded by the parents named Mary and Stephen Bauer. Both with their architectural and interior design background started crafting Baby Products at their best for their little ones. As they see the necessities needed by their biological children, Mary and Stephen then just decided to make on their own the needs of their little ones in their nursery. For 17 years of crafting and personally styling Baby Products, Mary and Stephen never regretted in sharing it to the world as they were now renowned as the Bratt Decor.

One of the collections offered by the Bratt Decor is the Bratt Decor Blu. It tenders a sleek sophisticated design than undeniably brings fad and great beauty in any nursery. As crafted and skillfully made for the little ones room, Bratt Decor Blu Collection truly renders all the necessities needed by the little one in his or her room. Bratt Decor Blu Crib measures 59.5 x 30.25 x 36.25 dimensions in inches. Bratt Decor Blu Crib Panel tenders an everlasting simplicity that would truly accustom in any modern nursery.

As cleverly crafted with an endless elegance, Bratt Decor Blu Cribs are made with straight four side same-leveled panes and well-spaced railings for security and better parent’s view. For Bratt Decor highlights safety importance as well,
Bratt Decor Baby Crib are made with strong solidly firm bases. To fully ensure the beauty and exquisiteness, Bratt Decor Blu Cribs are offered in two different colors. These are the Bratt Decor Blu Panel Crib Mocha and Bratt Decor Blu Panel Crib Wheat. For Bratt Decor truly renders comfort and convenience worth more than what the market pays for, Bratt Decor Blu Panel Cribs are proudly offered elegantly beautiful, safe, and versatile.

As Bratt Decor primarily highlights the safety of the little ones, Bratt Decor Blu Collection is made from the sustainable highest quality hardwood that ensures its robust and solid component. Made cleverly sturdy and firm, Bratt Decor Blu Cribs supremely guarantees to remain compacted even as the little one playfully moves in the crib. Thus, Bratt Decor as well guarantees to last a lifetime, ensuring its versatility utilization. The Bratt Decor Blu, as ingeniously crafted, features to be convertible into a toddler bed; which guarantees for a lengthy purpose and an added value.

As most of the users truly remarked its beauty and elegance, majority as well remarked in the
Bratt Decor Blu Reviews that the Bratt Decor Blu truly renders great value, that it truly highlights safety features first. Bratt Decor Blu Panel Cribs contains a stationary side panels with non-moving rails for additional security and a three level adjustable mattresses support for parent’s convenience as they reach the little ones in the crib. Hence, to fully guarantee the Bratt Decor Blu Panel Crib’s safety, it is proven and tested as well, and indeed proudly passed all the safety regulations imposed by the JPMA and US Standards.

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