You can find a lot of tactics in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Nonetheless, there are certain positions in BJJ which are superior to other people.

1St of all, if you're a striker as well as your opponent can be a grappler, being for the floor, even on leading, isn't in your edge. Conversely, if you will be a grappler along with your opponent is actually a striker, normally getting for the ground, even though your are in your rear, might be for your advantages.

If you have comparable grappling capabilities as your opponent, then ideally you need to be on prime. You'll find varying degrees of situation which are far better than other folks. For example, in case your are on high but in your own opponents guard, that is the worst area for being but if your are on prime. You want to try out and boost your position and cross your opponents guard and run into facet control, mount or choose their again.

Around the other hand if you're on your rear along with your opponent is on top rated, you want them in your own guard. You will not want them in aspect manage, mount or taking your spine.

In case your submissions are great in the guard then go for it, but it surely could possibly be risky. I personally try and reverse my opponent and get them on their again pass guard and then attack.

If you happen to be on best, your possibilities of the submission are much better if you might be in part control, mount or using the back. Thus, you must be contemplating guard move first if you're in guard.

You will discover a number of great BJJ instructional videos obtainable on that go over these techniques.

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