The beginning of a new year is not the only time that you may take stock of your habits and decide that you need to reign some of them in, but it often represents a place or a time to start.
Brainwave entrainment is a personal technological tool that helps you access specific brainwave frequencies that can break a bad habit at its source, your subconscious mind.
A habit is an often unconscious behaviour pattern, acquired by frequent repetition or a learned behavioural response, that becomes associated with a particular situation, becoming almost automatic, establishing a usual practice.
A habit provides instant reward and this is what cements it in your subconscious, and makes it so hard for you to stop.
How A Habit Forms
Over a relatively short period of time, your brain can start associating a particular response to certain cues, and develop a habit.
1. First the Trigger: A trigger, an event that sets a course of action in motion, tells your brain to go into automatic mode, to experience a reward.
2. Then the Routine: After your experience a trigger, which you may not consciously recognize, you then perform an activity that you do involuntarily or automatically.
3. And finally, the Reward: The pleasure you receive from performing an activity that you were triggered to do. This is what cements the habit into your brain. When a cue triggers a behaviour and produces a reward, this formula forms powerful neurological cravings that compel you to repeat the routine. The brain produces cravings so that it can experience the pleasure of the reward.
Breaking A Bad Habit Using Brainwave Entrainment
Before you can break a bad habit, you must become conscious, and identify its trigger and its reward. You need to become aware of what is involved in the manifestation of your habit. What is the pay off of enacting the habit's behaviour?
Once you've established the pay off or reward, you can change how you respond to the triggers.
This is where brainwave entrainment can help you change your bad habit to one that is beneficial for you.
Entrainment is based on the scientific theory of the frequency following principle where by the brain changes its dominant frequency by mimicking a repeated, rhythmic sound stimulus. In other words, brainwave entrainment uses specific brainwave frequencies to alter your brainwaves to produce a certain state of consciousness.
Once the brain has accessed the frequency that houses the subconscious mind using brainwave entrainment, the place where habits are made and stored, you can implement a new habit and neurologically change how you react to the triggers that used to produce the bad habit.
Brainwave entrainment can program your mind to break a bad habit and implement a positive new habit, in its place.
Brainwave entrainment can help you access the subconscious mind where you can change your blueprint. It is here that you can eliminate bad programming and instigate new positive programming. Once you have established new neural networks in your gray matter, your new programming will become your default, and your life will change.
The subconscious mind will do whatever you tell it to do, if you communicate with it in its own language.

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Wanina Petlock works in the medical field, specializing in end of life care. She is a reiki master and a birth and death doula, and is very acquainted with energy work, both present and distance. Over twenty years ago, Wanina started using a clinically proven audio technology called brainwave entrainment to help her meditate because she didn't have the time to devote to a rigourous practice. She has investigated all the different applications for this powerful therapy and found it easy, fast, and effective . Brainwave entrainment has been scientifically proven to be one of the better therapies for panic anxiety disorder, substance abuse, ulcers, colitis, chronic pain, psoriasis, hypertension, prevention of heart attack, prevention of hardening of the arteries, arthritis, fibromyalgia, cancer, insomnia, migraine, the prevention of stroke, allergies, asthma, Parkinson's disease, fatigue, chronic pain, and multiple sclerosis. It has also been found to expand your state of consciousness and awaken latent psychic abilities.
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