We've all had those low points in our lives that we will never forget. You hit rock bottom. Nothing seems to be going right. You reflect and ask yourself all the relevant questions. You sleep and sleep until you're sick of sleeping. Whatever you are going through, it is not your life's design to be in pain or to struggle. You are not being punished for your past mistakes. You are at a reflection point. It is time to step up and makes some changes.

First, let's make something clear... YOU are the biggest obstacle to moving forward. Your situation has not created this breakdown, you have. You are not a victim. The small decisions you've made over the past few years have led you to this point. The recently breakdown did not come out of nowhere. There were signs that were ignored and steps that were not taken. The good news is that if you represent the biggest obstacle, you also represent the greatest solution. You are in control of everything that happens next.

You've dwelled on the situation long enough now. Stop thinking about why things are the way they are. The "why" is no longer important. You will figure out the why along the way. The "how" is the only thing that counts... there is nothing else. How are we going to get past this? How are we going to achieve our great breakthrough? It is not going to happen overnight but it is going to happen. Clarity is coming. Clarity is the answer to the breakthrough. Clarity is one of the greatest rewards to our struggles... it is the answer to our how.

First, you must define what you want out of life. You must be able to see your target. If there is no clarity, there is no desire. This will be our toughest task. What do you want? Seems simple, but ask a few people. You'll notice right away most people have not taken the time to define this for themselves. You'll hear many vague answers listing happiness, material goods and other nice things. These vague answers lack passion. The most successful people will give you many details and specifics about their vision. You'll actually feel the passion. Isn't that what we all want from life, passion with a purpose? That is what is going to make you excited about doing things and working hard. In order to find your purpose, you've got to define some important things that will drive your action. When you are able to answer the following questions with clarity, you will be unstoppable...

What are 3 things I want to accomplish?
What have I always been afraid to do?
What would I do if I could not fail?
What are 2 qualities of the people I would like to surround myself with?
What are 2 things that excite me?
What are 2 things I would like to change about myself or my life?
What are 2 qualities I want people to remember about me?

Each one of these questions represents a target for several areas in our lives. Success comes as a result of having clarity in each of the 7 pillars of a balanced life. Finding clarity to these questions will create your breakthrough.

After some reflection, you will have your target. Now, take action. Get outside and away from your constant surroundings. Take a mini vacation and make sure to bring a journal. Formulate your reflections into three new goals that you will begin to work on. Expand upon your thoughts and your new goals. List all the activities you are going to do upon your return to help you reach those goals. Find books, resources and networks in line with your goals. Rekindle old friendships, exercise and do some spring cleaning. Get rid of the clutter and organize. Your outside environment is a reflection of your inner struggles. Go out and run. Many new ideas and breakthroughs can be found during running or exercise. Breakthroughs often come as a result of a new environment or new action.

It will take some time but focus and believe. You will create new goals that will drive you forward. Painful times lend us motivation and allow us to focus on the changes we need to create our breakthrough. Make no mistake, there is a major breakthrough within you. You are stronger, smarter and more dedicated than you think. Let's take this anger and fuel that we have and launch a rocket with it.

BetterSelf tips for achieving a breakthrough;
Realize that you are the solution
Change your thinking from "why" to how"
Find your "target" by getting specific with your goals and ideals
Get away from constant surroundings and reflect
Get physical and clean up your inner and outer environment
Take action on your goals everyday

Author's Bio: 

Steve Barrett is the founder of 7 Pillars Media Inc and BetterSelf Magazine. With a background in psychology and education, Steve has worked with kids and adults on motivation, self-esteem, and behavior modification. He has studied, researched and written articles on goal setting, overcoming stress and finding life's purpose. Steve has worked with best selling authors to bring expert content to motivated readers ready to make important changes in their lives.