If you own a car and don't have breakdown cover then you're running a huge risk. What exactly would you do if you were on the side of a road broken down in the middle of nowhere? You may have friends who you can call but are they able to tow your car to a garage? I doubt it. Also, it's unfair of you to have to ask friends to come and get you if you breakdown - especially if you're miles from home.

Breakdown cover is so cheap that there's simply no excuse not to have it. It can really save your bacon in an emergency. Another thing to remember is that it's very dangerous to breakdown on the motorway and you are only allowed to be recovered by professionals in this case - your friends aren't legally allowed to help you in this situation so getting breakdown cover is important.

If you drive far from home every day then having breakdown insurance is a must. Whether you drive on motorways or not, it's always wise to be covered should the worst happen? It always happens when you least expect it and it's never a good time to realise that you don't have the insurance you need.

Another thing to think about is the type of breakdown cover than you need. Most breakdown assistance Dublin companies will offer free recovery in your policy for a certain distance from your address. After this distance you will then have to pay so make sure that you have adequate cover.

Consider the distances that you drive every day and think about what you really need - if it's only $35 a year or even $55 per year, it's totally worth it to ensure you're safe and protected should the worst happen. Breaking down is always a nightmare but it's much easier to deal with if you know you can call someone, night or day and be rescued from the side of the road.

Take your time to find the insurance that's going to serve you best. There are hundreds of breakdown cover options available so you shouldn't find it hard to get what you need. Just make sure that you're aware of what you're covered for and where you'll have to pay extra, if at all.

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