Squint eye is not just a cosmetic problem but an eye issue that can lead to a severe vision problem. Consulting a squint eye specialist in Mumbai is essential to ensure on-time treatment for the same. However, there are common misconceptions and ignorance about the squint eye conditions for which they often go untreated. For years people have been suffering from squint eye conditions and are left untreated thinking that the problem may ward off on its own. Speaking more on this we have shared some common myths about the squint eye conditions that leading squint specialists in Mumbai claim to be just false. Let us take a closer look at these myths to understand the factual details.
Squint eye gets treated on its own
Many people believe that squint eye is a condition that goes away on its own with time. But that isn’t the reality. No eye condition can ever get treated on its own. The eye needs to be properly examined and treated accordingly. Based on the patient’s condition, the squint eye specialist in Mumbai will provide the proper consultation and the treatment that will be suitable for the specific eye problem.
Squint eye cannot be treated
This is one of the most common misconceptions among people. Many believe that squint eye conditions can never be treated and must be accepted as it is. However, this is far from reality. Squint eye specialists in Mumbai claim that in most cases the conditions have been severe, leading to other visual problems for plainly ignoring the treatment of squint eye. However, the fact is it requires early diagnosis and treatment for preventing further aggravation of visual conditions and prevents the risk of developing a lazy eye Amblyopia which is a condition that occurs due to abnormal vision development and happens in one eye. If not treated in time there are of developing further complications like vision loss, double vision, and mental stress due to low self-confidence. Even the best ophthalmologist in Mumbai suggests patients undergo an examination to understand the underlying cause of the misaligned eyes for its treatment.
Squint is a Cosmetic Problem
People believe that squint eye is a cosmetic problem. But that isn’t true. Squint eye is a functional problem of the eye. Early detection can prevent vision loss and binocularity. Squint eye isn’t just about the looks, but the patient can only see with one eye at a time. With this the eye can get severely compromised, permanently damage the vision, leading to a lazy eye. Squint can also result in underlying severe eye diseases like cataracts. So immediate detection and treatment are crucial for squint eye conditions.
Squint eye is congenital
Squint eye though often detected in children at an early age but is not restricted to just children. It is a condition that can possibly even develop with age. Misalignment occurs due to loss of control of eye muscles. Squint eye may also be the result of other diseases, eye conditions, injury, or even a hereditary problem. Depending on the cause and severity of the problem, squint can be treated with surgical and non-surgical methods by an experienced squint specialist in Mumbai.

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