For most of the lovers out here, even the concept of breaking up with someone you love, may be hard enough to make you feel devastated. It is a human instinct to avoid thinking and imagining things that they rarely wish to see taking place. Nevertheless the reality of life is that we often have to go thru things that we fear the most. If you are reading this article, possibilities are that you have an interest in learning how you can best live without the person you love the most, and with whom you just had a fight

Breaking up is always tough, but this doesn't imply that we should back off from thinking about them. Our nightmares can occasionally take the shape of reality so it is often better to keep a plan for coping in such circumstances. Here are one or two points towards help you out cope with the situation where breaking up with someone you love becomes essential.

Be Positive - Glance at the sunny side

Attempt to move on in life. If there is no other alternative but breaking up with someone you love, then accept it! It may have finished in a worst way. Take a positive perspective towards life and try to grasp the fact that a break up was mandatory.

Treasure the great times spent with your ex but anticipate a better time ahead

I would not suggest you to fully alienate yourself from your past or the good times that you and your ex shared together, but it's vital to look forward. If you have even the smallest possibility of finding someone better and getting along well with her / him, just keep yourself open for a relationship. The sooner, the better!

Stop contemplating over the break up

Don't take off from work or do not even waste your time pondering over all that happened and all that might have been undone or done in the past. Think as little about those possibilities as practical otherwise regret and remorse will make you go crazy! There is life ahead for you , an insignificant break up can't be the end of life for you. Therefore keep yourself busy. Go to work, meet your pals, watch TV, and push on.

Try to avoid anything that remind you of your ex

Try and avoid visits to places that you and your ex would go to when things were different. Breaking up with someone you love is always hard, but we infrequently make it harder. So , the best thing is to avoid the things related to your ex and your past.

Staying together might not always be a great choice

Attempt to be reasonable and rational in your thinking. Just because you love your ex, does not give you a sound excuse to stick to the relationship for good. Breaking up with someone you love is hard but then it may be the best choice available for you both. Therefore act mature.

Be unambiguous

When you have once made the decision of breaking up with someone you love, then go for it! No looking back...take a quick decision and make sure you stand by it. Do not be trembly.

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