Chunking. This tool is a valuable resource for helping to develop the mindset for marketing success. It is extremely versatile. Chunking is effective with breaking goals down into easy manageable steps for success. You can also use chunking to clear blocks and work through resistance.

Originally, chunking was a term developed to explain the way people remember. Studying memory determined people remember seven bits of information at a time. This is what our brain can retain in short term memory. In order to hold more info, you can group similar pieces of information together. Some examples of chunking numbers includes phone numbers and social security numbers. This memory trick, or mnemonic, is being used here to group similar types of information together to develop the mindset for marketing.

Consider how often you might have thought about growing your business. When you begin to consider all the steps necessary to have that occur, it can be overwhelming. Where do you begin? How do you work this into an already busy schedule? For some, this is enough to change your mind and continue with business as usual.

Determine goals you would like to have for growing your business. Write down where you would like your business to be in one year from now. Write your 6 month goal. Now write 90, 60, 30 day goals. Take it one step further. For each goal, break it down into easy steps. Now you have chunked your one year goal into a manageable plan with the steps you need to do along the way.

When working on reasons you feel uncomfortable about growing your business, chunking allows you to take all of the issues around a topic, clump them together into groups. Breaking your down goal into chunks increases the likelihood of success. The single larger goal is more achievable as you work through one step at a time.

In most cases, there was a primary belief you developed. Some core issues include money and self worth, working harder to make more money or fear of public speaking. Once you become aware of the belief you developed that is a barrier to growing your business, you have a choice. Do you want to change it, or not?
Becoming aware of the barriers you have to marketing is the first step toward change. These limiting beliefs get reinforced through events in your life, many times unconsciously. Begin to list your barriers. Then look for similarities. Do they somehow remind you of experiences you had when you were younger? You might initially feel you have many reasons not to grow your business.

What I have found is usually there is a set of core issues. Once the core issues are resolved, the other things that appear to have been issues will resolve themselves easily. This process helps identify core issues. You can then work on the true underlying issue and peel the onion at a quicker rate.

This shows you have to take something, either positive or negative, and begin to break it down into smaller manageable pieces. Many times it is easier to identify the goal and then begin to work your way backward. Once you have broken it down to the smallest bit, you will have more focus.

When you are ready to take some of these ideas you listed and take action, block out time for marketing on your schedule. Get out your calendar. With different colors for each category, begin to place some of these activities onto your calendar.

The idea is to consistently do some type of marketing activity on a regular basis. When you consistently marketing, you are more likely to always have referrals. Instead most people take a feast or famine approach, only marketing when they need more clients.


List everything you would need to do to grow your business. Write down everything that comes to mind. Brainstorm. Do not filter any thought. Allow it all to flow. Once you begin writing, you will end up with a large list of possibilities to help to grow your business. Now develop categories in order to group everything on your list. Some categories could include networking, immediate opportunities, future opportunities, indirect marketing and ongoing efforts. Items on your list falling into more than one category than be placed in each appropriate category. Next rank the level of difficulty for each item with a 1, 2 or 3 from easiest to most difficult.

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This article is by Loren Fogelman, the results based therapist, showing you how to master the marketing mindset to reach your peak potential to grow your business.