We have all wondered why we can’t just have a normal average life with no issues or concerns. We wonder why things have to happen to us and why we have to struggle so much. We sometimes wish we could have a normal life and not have problems in our relationships or with money or with our health. However, if we went through life, day after day, with no problems and concerns, we wouldn’t grow and learn.

When we have problems to deal with in any area of our lives, we first begin to ask ourselves what we are going to do. We may hide the situation from everyone or we may tell everyone we see. We all handle things differently. When the situation first hits us, we begin to think about how we can remedy it and go through solutions in our minds or turn to someone else to talk about them.

James 1:2-4 “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when it is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”

Rather than looking at the situation as a problem we have to solve, it would be a good idea to look at it as an opportunity for a breakthrough. The setback that has occurred in our lives whether it be finances, relationships, health or in our career is really an opportunity for change. God is waiting and wanting to help us through this so He can send us the message He wants us to receive…and to communicate to others.

It is really a good thing to have setbacks in life. The setbacks help us to learn to deal with problems by turning to God to handle them. When we turn to God, He will give us direction and show us what to do. He will provide open doors to enter where we can go to find out what is the next best step in our lives. He wants us to go through those doors with an open mind and heart so we can learn and grow. If we choose to ignore the doors and try to force a normal life for ourselves, we really won’t be able to live.

We can have a great life if we learn to acknowledge and take action on the breakthroughs as well as the setbacks. It is really just about the good and the bad things that happen to us. It is really just about the ups and downs in life. However, how we handle the ups and downs is what’s important. We can use both the good and bad experiences in our lives, every day, to be a better person and to be a better witness for God.

We don’t want a normal, average day. When we have those too many times, we aren’t learning or growing. We want to have breakthroughs where we begin to understand where it is God wants us to go in life and what He wants us to do. We want to have setbacks where we are forced to allow God to work out our problems for us and we can have experiences to share. When our days aren’t normal is when we can make a difference.

Author's Bio: 

Frances Lucas has lived in the Birmingham, Alabama area for the past 40 years. She is a firm believer in leading by example and what she shares comes from her experience in life having to set her own goals and make things happen in her life…not depending on anyone else. She can help you, your team members and your employees to realize their purpose in life, learn their strengths and begin to develop their strengths.

She attended Corporate Coach University where she obtained an Advanced Certified Corporate Coach degree. Frances also has a bachelor‘s degree in Business Management and a masters in Human Resources. She has facilitated classes for large and small groups, created and organized self-improvement and employee development programs, classes, and work books. She enjoys coaching others one-on-one or in groups. Frances is a professional discipleship coach certified through Blueprint for Life Institute and is dedicating her life to helping others find their God-given purpose in life.

She has found her passion in life and wants to share her passion by helping others find theirs!

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