Do you know what estrogen is? Estrogen is a hormone that is compulsory for the regular growth and growth of the breasts and of those organs imperative for reproduction. They also regulate menstrual cycles of women and this procedure is necessary for reproduction. This hormone is also very important for the growth and strength of bones and heart muscles. Breast cancer and estrogen has a close link with each other as the risk for a woman for developing breast cancer are totally depend on lifetime acquaintance to estrogen. One needs to understand the functioning of estrogen in a body along with other aspects like what sorts of chemicals in the atmosphere can bring variations in the estrogen levels, and most importantly how we can maintain this level through proper diet and through a change in our lifestyles. After having these all information and by adopting the ways to improve the situation a woman can better decide about herself and the requirements of her body.

What estrogens actually do?
The estrogen is basically the chemical messenger in the body. The usual sexual development of a woman can’t take place without this hormone. They fulfill the requirements of the female organs important like the ovaries and uterus for reproduction activity. They also control menstrual cycles in a woman. These functions are really important and have a direct link with the development of breasts.

How estrogen is linked with a breast cancer risk of a woman?

Estrogen is concerned about developing breast cancer risk because of several reasons that can be,

• This hormone instigate the division of breast cells
• This is very much active during the important period when breasts development and growth take place in a woman
• Estrogen also affects the other hormones that put their part in the breast cells division.
• It also provides support for the development of estrogen-responsive tumors.
Women with exposure and variations in estrogen throughout their life may have the greatest risk to develop breast cancer.

Lifestyles and estrogen :
Lifestyles and food can highly affect the levels of estrogen in a body.

The food can affect the levels of estrogen in a woman’s body, so one should be very concerned about it. A woman should take a diet with fewer fats and high amount of fibers. If you will not eat whatever is essential for you the estrogen levels will certainly increase in your blood and you will get fat. This situation can cause and increase the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

Nutritional phytoestrogens:
Phytoestrogens are the other name for plant estrogens. Such hormones can be found in plants like soybeans, tofu, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and in few spices and herbs. So take a diet rich in phytoestrogens that will further decrease the risks of breast cancer. Women with a high ratio of this plant estrogen hormone proved to have fewer risks of breast cancer development.
Body weight
According to many types of research, the weight gains in women just before and after menopause increases the risk of breast cancer. After menopause ovaries are unable to produce estrogen and they start putting weight and this certainly increases the cancer risks. Be careful about your diet and intake of fatty food contains an element that is harmful to health.

Exercise is equally important and essential for everyone whether he or she has some health issues or not. It is the most effective way of burning fats in a body and maintains a level. If you reduce the fats you can easily control your estrogen levels.

There are so many other dietary solutions to maintaining the level of estrogen in a body that will further help you out to avoid breast cancer.

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