Breast cancer management is also very essential as we do management for many other things. Breast cancer screening is the first step towards this management. This screening can tell you the actual situation of your breast whether any change is occurring or not. The detection of any abnormal cell is very much essential in this procedure to see its spread. Mammography along with other screening technologies has opened the way to ease this management procedure. This also guides you to select the appropriate treatment to handle the disease.

How to find it out?
To understand and select the treatment for breast cancer, it is essential to know about everything in detail whether the treatment is needed or not. DCIS lesions cannot spread so rapidly in a woman to reach to a level where they create any issue or any aggressive treatment is needed. In such case, any treatment is given can be harmful with many side effects. There are also financial constraints that can be developed for the patient. The real and most appropriate solution to this issue is to do very close monitoring. Clinical trials are really much important to reach a certain level where the decision about the future of a patient can be easy to make. The doctor says that it is not merely judging the breast cancer but the most significant part of the study the various aspects related to this one disease like DCIS. This for sure can affect the future findings and will certainly open the new methods to treat the disease. If patients are identified with low-risk DCIS then the treatment options will be selected after many trails and monitoring of the symptoms and condition of the patient. The procedure of these trails shouldn’t be stopped. Don’t abruptly reach any conclusion regarding treatment instead go deep into the whole situation. Physical exams, screening through mammograms and other essential trails should be conducted once after every six months. It will clarify the health status of the individual and will specify the needs as well.

DCIS progressing in a woman body then a standard treatment is required. By adopting this way, the disease becomes curable with better and improved survival rates. To further enhance the repercussion of the treatment and its selection a proper investigation of cells is very much essential both before and after the treatment. It will highlight the role of the treatment and will tell about the accuracy of the selection of the treatment. The knowledge about the molecular biology of DCIS is also very much important and it will suffice after the proper research. On the basis of the current study, scientists are trying to expand the procedure to see the things happening globally for comparison and to study the dynamics. This will automatically answer the questions that everyone may have on their minds. Patient’s assessment is very much essential too and this can also be possible in the presence of proper breast cancer screening.

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