You’ve all seem them, those innocent pink ribbons…in fact, these days they seem to be everywhere don’t they? Yes, that’s because connected to them is a strangulating health crisis affecting almost every woman, man and child in this world. Unfortunately, so is a very large business that has been born in its wake! So, let me ask you, have you ever noticed your reaction to them? What comes to your heart and mind when you see one? Is it a warm and fuzzy glow, feeling of optimism or of personal empowerment? Or, instead is it perhaps a feeling of fear, sadness and disempowerment?

If you’re like most, the latter is the norm and its effects have been devastating around the globe! Any energy of that caliber or frequency, on my CELLpH LOVE emotional pH scale, is that of sheer self destruction. Energies of fear and disempowerment are dense, acidic energies that create chemical stress reactions within us on a deep cellular level. What we know about stress is that it is a component in each and every disease and illness process. In fact, scientific statistics tell us that “stress kills”.

The science of the ‘Law of Attraction’ is based upon two very simple principles. “Like attracts like” and “whatever you place your focus on will expand”. As you know, my expertise is in teaching people how to utilize these principles so that they can become proactive in creating life as they want to experience it. What enhances my success in teaching this process is my ability to dissect an energy path. Based upon the manifestation at hand and my acute intuitive sense, I can often determine the origination of a manifestation and also determine its outcome if the energy remains constant on its path.

Based upon my knowledge of how these principles work, it is my determination that our focus on breast disease rather than breast health is creating a path of destruction that is becoming pandemic in proportions. In fact, unknown to those licensing the pink ribbon, they are actually creating the very thing they are hoping to alleviate. They are creating more breast disease and contributing to the heartbreaks experienced by millions.

You see, the universal repository for all of this energy doesn’t discern between negative or positive. It only ‘answers the call’ based upon what it receives and then reciprocates in like. In other words, plainly spoken, if it is receiving thought particles wanting or demanding more pink ribbons, it will create its response with more pink ribbons as well as the situations that will continue their demand. As we are energetically bombarded on these levels, we are also being bombarded with more energy of fear and disempowerment.

As we have seen in the recent years, not only has breast disease been on the rise in men and women alike, but so has heart disease, diabetes, other cancers, immune diseases as well as, anxiety, depression, etc. We have become a society plagued by ‘dis-ease’ on every level. Now, you may be thinking that there are so many factors associated with illness and yes, there are. However, with all of our attention being brought to it, we are clearly adding fuel to the fire and actively contributing to these pandemic numbers with the constant reminders that disease and impending death is all around us. One might even say that we have a self-fulfilling prophesy at work right under our noses that is insidious and powerful and oh-so-effective!

If indeed we are all ‘one’, then it will take the greatest majority of us to create the energetic shift needed to create a new world of well-being. I am imploring you to help me to create a new paradigm in health consciousness. The bottom line is that, as a collective consciousness, we can create a new counter energy as we place our focus only on creating our health. We must drop the ‘fights for’, the ‘support of’, the ‘contributions to’ anything creating a path to fear. How do we do this?

1. Learn how the Law of Attraction works.
2. Learn how to create a CELLpH (self) Love consciousness.
3. Redirect your focus and energy whenever you feel stress and fear.
4. Be willing to explore and reinstate new thoughts and beliefs.
5. Have patience and watch for the shift in a situation, maintaining focus on feeding only what we want to create.
6. Repeat daily the FREE Breast Health Initiative life enhancing affirmations listed on my website.
7. Join me in this initiative and TAKE ACTION to become proactive in creating your health and happiness!

We have the ability to create the lives that we truly want to be living. As each of us becomes ‘masters’ of manifestation, we actually DO become the change that we want to see. Sharing of this information with your friends and family is precisely what we need to create the momentum that will enable us to reclaim our birthright of grace.

Many blessings of great joy to each of you as you become happy, healthy and whole and the masters of your universe of well being!

With heartfelt gratitude,


Author's Bio: 

A dynamic public speaker, dedicated nurse, innovative spiritual healer, mother and grandmother, Marcy Neumann has developed Heartlites, Inc. as a logical progression of her life’s work. Trained in traditional medicine as well as the eastern healing practice known as Reiki, and being an ordained minister, Marcy has always sought to inspire others to enhance their healing process through spiritual awareness and growth.

Marcy has been a surgical, hospice and post-operative nurse and ordained minister for over thirty years. After receiving Reiki training, she incorporated it into an enormously successful pre- and post-operative program to accelerate patient recovery. Marcy was also instrumental in developing a Reiki program for Hospice of Long Island as well as for Syosset Hospital in the North Shore/LIJ Hospital System. In 2001, Marcy began her private practice which focuses on:

Resistance Identification
Spiritual Development
Life Coaching
Crisis/Conflict Resolutions
Past Life Regression
Self-Love (CELLpH Love)

Today, Marcy’s goal is to assist people in achieving their greatest potential through spiritual growth, CELLpH Love (pronounced Self-Love), the Law of Attraction and other spiritual healing techniques. Her product line and programs are designed to incorporate these methods in order to connect human beings and lead them to discover their higher self through the power of love. They reflect her beliefs that each of us must focus our attention on ethics, integrity and value, and become individually sustainable on this earth.

Please visit Marcy’s website at, her blog at and feel free to follow her on Twitter at and/or Facebook at **Heartlites Incorporated - Marcy Neumann**!

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