Numerous women have drooping breastsbecause of various reasons such as the size of the bosoms, lactation and aging. Since all of these women will desire to improve their looks, the most common and ideal solution will be a breast lift. Just like many other medical procedures, there are several things that will disqualify a woman from having a breast lift. So, being one of the good candidates for this chest transformation won't necessarily happen. Our procedure will further classify women, splitting them into three categories. In these categories we'll have approval and denial for different patients. While some patients can have their breast lifted, others must stay the same.

One of the common reasons why breast sag arise due to issue of weight and size; in this case, the breast are to big and bulky hence they become droopy. The above mentioned situation affects women of all ages. Breast lifts are now demanded by teenagers and young women as well. According to this common situation mentioned above, this is not surprising. In these cases, two medical procedures can be used as solutions. The first case is when a breast lift is included, but a breast reduction is done before the lifting procedure. The second case is when breasts are too small. That means the ideal solution will be a breast enlargement and then a breast lift.

Aging is one of the main processes that causes breast dropping in women, so as you get older, it's normal to have droppy breasts. This happens because they are various changes in the performance of the skin, due to aging. The aging clock for most women can be sensed as early as the age of 35 years. Alterations in the woman's body occur, one of these alterations being the development of ptosis (dropping bosom). Together with menopause, women will notice that their breasts are dropping even more than ever before. While many women will seek to wear bras that will firmly support her bosom, this tends to have not effects on the gradual droop of the breast. Therefore, many women at this point in life will have to settle for breast lifts if they feel like they need a better look for their bosom.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding can easily become the number one reason for ptosis development. During such periods, a good supportive bra will come in handy for many women; however, the increase in size of breasts due to lactation will make this option unbearable. Various shapes and sizes of breasts can occur during breastfeeding, because the mother's milk production is not necessarily equal between the breasts. Breasts will also drop after the milk production has ended, because the space created inside the breast (that was occupied by milk) won't be needed anymore. For some women this process is not permanent but other women will have the same dropped breasts for their entire lives. For mothers who have stopped breastfeeding, doctors will advise having a breast lift to re-gain normal look.

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