One of the most frequent questions I hear from women considering cosmetic breasts surgery is whether breast implants provides the same results as a breast lift. As a female and double board-certified cosmetic surgeon, I am aware my patients’ desire in order to avoid incisions connected with a breast lift. In my office at The Woodlands cosmetic surgery practice, I completely describe to patients their choices related breast surgery.

I’ll clarify here why some patients desire a breast lift instead of breast augmentation and just why combining breast implants with a breasts lift is a favorite choice for women who've had children.

When Is a Breast Lift Needed?
Aging, pregnancy, gaining fat, and even genetics may all trigger breasts to sag. Primary reasons females pursue a breast lift (also known as mastopexy) relate to the severe nature of the sagging and set up individuals are self-conscious about the looks and form of their breasts. A concern of breast surgery may be the “amount of ptosis,” which may be the clinical phrase for breasts sagging. Ptosis identifies the how much the nipple and areola point down, and a breast lift up can help with this concern.

Breast Lift Benefits
A breast lift gives breasts a more youthful, perkier overall look by re-positioning and elevating the nipple and areola (the darker epidermis surrounding the nipple). The procedure also involves removing excess breast skin. The incision places depend on the amount of sagging. In a small number of cases that involve minimal sagging, I could limit the incision to simply around the areola. Additionally, an additional incision from the areola to the crease of the breast (a “lollipop” incision) is required to create optimal results.

Combining Implants With a good start
Breast lift surgery doesn’t raise the breasts’ volume. Women who want bigger, extra youthful-looking breasts can combine a lift up with implants to obtain the desired results. Implants by itself won’t elevate sagging breasts and will actually lead them to sag a lot more. A combined lift up with augmentation can often be performed within a mommy makeover (which typically also includes a tummy tuck).

This is one of my favorite procedures to perform since it restores my patients’ confidence within their bodies. You can view the kind of results mommy makeover patients enjoy by viewing our gallery of before-and-after images.

Breast Lift Recovery
Towards the end of a breast lift treatment, I apply dressings and bandages on the incisions. Your post-op discomfort could be managed with prescription soreness medication. Most sufferers can switch to over-the-counter pain relief medication after a couple of days. Patients don an elastic bandage and support bra to improve the healing up process and minimize swelling. Expect to take a week faraway from work and be well prepared not to do any lifting.

Limit your exercise through the first 2 weeks to walking. From then on, you can gradually resume lower body workout routines that don’t involve jumping or bouncing. More strenuous exercises can be started 6 weeks after the procedure. Don’t dress in underwire bras for at least 8 weeks.

If you’re not sure in the event that you need a breast lift, breasts augmentation, or a combined technique, contact the best cosmetic surgeon in Jaipur to a scheduled appointment.

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