Breastfeeding twins or multiples is a fulltime job. It requires much work and devotion. You may be extremely overwhelmed with the birth of multiples. You also may worry if you are producing enough milk to nourish more than one child. Lastly you as a mother may worry that you will be nursing these babies throughout the day, without a moment to breathe.
Planning ahead for nursing multiples and getting support from your obstetrician, pediatrician and spouse, you have a great chance of being successful in this great undertaking.
When planning for this ‘job’, you need to know the answers to some common questions about breastfeeding multiples. This will help ease the anxiety and worry. Since multiples are often born prematurely, you need to give yourself ample time to educate yourself in this matter.
1. Should I put my babies on a rigid schedule or should I be flexible in their feedings?
A flexible schedule is definitely better for the babies, since they are individual people with different biological needs. Yet a more rigid schedule is more time saving. Some mothers follow the lead of the more hungry baby and feed on his schedule, and some mothers feed on demand and set a more rigid schedule for nighttime feedings.

2. Will breastfeeding be more time consuming than bottle feeding?
The actual simultaneous feeding by breast and bottle take up the same amount of time, yet the preparation and warming of the bottles add more time to the feeding process. According to La Leche League International, breastfeeding moms of twins save 300 hours and 1200 dollars in one year!!

3.What is the best position for nursing twins?
You can either use a rolled up blanket or a nursing pillow to support the babies. There is a nursing pillow that is specifically designed for twins, that is highly recommended by moms of multiples. There are various positions, that moms like. The cradle hold (across the chest), the football hold(along your side) or both! It is advisable to alternate breasts and babies between feedings especially if one of the babies has a stronger suck. You can also alternate breasts every day, if every feeding gets too tedious to remember.

4.Will I have enough milk to nourish both babies?
Nursing works with supply and demand. The more you breastfeed, the more your body will produce. If you have a low milk supply, it usually means the babies are not taking enough at each feeding. Nursing more, and pumping when the babies are not hungry are good ways to build up an adequate supply. Don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids too!

You can be sure that your babies are getting what they need, if by the fifth day after birth (they first lose weight), they are gaining an ounce a day, until they are three months. Stools should be regular and yellow in color. They should be wetting 5 or 6 diapers a day. When you are feeding, listen closely for a suck and swallow noise. When you are finished with a feeding session, your breasts should feel softer and less ‘full’. To ensure your babies are feeding properly, keep a log of which breast they fed from and how many feedings and diapers you have.
Make sure you take care of your own physical and emotional needs. Drink and eat well, as your body needs a lot more when you are breastfeeding, especially with twins, or multiples. Learn how to pump, so you can take some time off once in a while, to air out with your spouse or on your own. Healthy babies need a healthy Mom.
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Author: Kamran Minhas