Breastlight war of surveillance has a purpose and it is nothing else but sprinkling and adding more contentment in your life. Life is too short to live so try to ignite your courage and let’s start it once again. You always need so many reasons to start something but once it is started you left with no single reason to have an exit. It is only because of the perks and blessings that nature has for every individual. Health is also one of the blessings and we need to protect it. Breast cancer is no more an enigma. The practical approach has lessened the amount of uncertainty, so your approach should also be practical. Look ahead and just do it.

The Story of Breast Cancer
The historical facts about this disease are very much evident through the methodology to treat this menace has changed over the period of time. We need to have a brief view of the history to determine the role and prominence of breastlight services to conquest breast cancer.

1600 BC
Breast cancer is not a modern disease but was present in the ancient civilization as well. The first case of breast cancer was detected in 1600 BC in ancient Egypt. Afterward more 8 cases have been found in women.

548 AD
In this year the first mastectomy was done on the prescription of the court physicians.

A French surgeon named Jean Louis Petit performed the breast surgery for the very first time. He removed breast tissue lymph node underlying chest muscles.

This year William Stewart performed a first radical mastectomy. This procedure became so much popular that till 1970 this remained in practice for the treatment of breast cancer.

Janet lane claypan conducted the first clinical study of breast cancer.

For the very first time in history, the breast cancer staging system was introduced.

After the Second World War the modern chemotherapy technique was developed.

Radiation therapy was adopted for the first time for the treatment of breast cancer.

For the very first time, a proper breast cancer awareness campaign was introduced as the pink ribbon was selected as an emblem to present breast cancer.

The pink ribbon was selected as the official sign for national breast cancer awareness month.

The Modern Era
Everything uses to change with the passage of time even human nature, behaviors and also the way you think and take things for consideration. The need of self-detection of breast cancer has immensely increased as people are always on the run and usually have no time to go and consult and doctor, though it’s unfortunate one has to face it. Here modern technology favors us. Breastlight self-examination device for breast cancer has tried to provide an easy solution to cope with the shortage of time.

You don’t need to be panic now. Just bring it home and have a personal checkup to gather firsthand information and in case of any unusual finding, you can instantly consult your doctor. It is basically the detector to pave a way for further investigations.

Yes it’s my story:
Personal experience and findings are more authenticate than anything else. Maya a 35 years lady from America reveals her personal experience. “I am from New York, a working lady and a single mother of 2 children. I use to work to feed my children. Life is like a running machine for me. I am working because I have to work in order to bring happiness to the life of my children. A few years back things were entirely changed and suddenly it took a huge change. 3 years back I was detected with breast cancer. Here I would like to acknowledge breastlight because I couldn’t ever take time from my busy routine to get myself checked by a doctor. After noticing some apparent changes in my breasts I brought in the breastlight device and eventually it indicated me the symptoms of breast cancer. I rushed to the nearest hospital and have done with my mammography that confirmed it too but fortunately, it was in the initial stage. My treatment stated and at last, I defeated breast cancer. All the credit goes to breastlight otherwise it would have not been possible. Believe me and breastlight too”.

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