BREATHE…yes…thats what you should do.

You know most women (and a good many men for that matter) go through life feeling stressed. I know this by my patients. Women come in to me and I always have to tell them to relax their shoulders. Firstly it allows more breast tissue to be in view, but it also helps the patient de-stress.

I explained to my patient today the fact that when we are stressed our body produces some hormone or chemical that robs the body of oxygen, which in turn makes us more stressed. Its a vicious cycle.

So…when you are stressed…take a very deep breath in through your nose. (so that you fill your entire lung capacity) and slowly let the breath out through your mouth. As a matter of fact…don’t do it only when you feel stressed but also at other times to help maintain a non stress state.

Take your hour of power each day for yourself and do what ever makes you FEEL good. If its meditating, then meditate, if its running then run. If its just sitting on the couch in peace and quite then sit. But do it for you and when you do it remember to breathe.

I tell this to all my patients, all my coaching clients, all my VA clients and to all of you…my good friends.

Author's Bio: 

Melanie Eatherton is a Success Coach, Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host and Advocate for raising the awareness of human potential. She spent most of her adult life as a mammographer and this role helped her to study women.
Melanie calls herself the Law of attraction Diva, because she realized that she was the cause of her own results. Since coming to this realization and choosing to share what she learned, not only has it changed her life for the better, but it has helped many other people change their life too.