Timeless yet Chic- classic subway tiles in bathrooms is what homemakers love. It creates the illusion of stunning bathroom spaces, and for those who wish to add a freestanding bath or bring attention to large windows, these tiles can complement the look exceptionally!

To Infuse New Life Into Your Bathroom Space...

You can use classic subway tiles- (regardless of whether they are composed of marble, porcelain, ceramic) to create whatever design concept tickles your creative mind. Be it a simple-subtle design or a stunning-dramatic looking bathroom- subway tiles offers plenty of versatility.

“For The Elegant Contemporary Look”: 

Wanna make your neighbours envy of your bathing space? 

Wrap the showering space from floor to ceiling with Arabescato Carrara Subway tiles. Measuring 4x12, they are a touch bigger than normal subway tiles and proves appropriate for a contemporary bathroom look.

If you have a freestanding bath fitted, then another alternative is to opt for glossy white and grey textured subway tiles. They will create an awesome backdrop for your luxurious bathtub.

If You Want To Add Some Historic Charm”: 

Creativity has no bounds. One only needs to have the mind to explore it. If you’re one to express your creative side, then you can look to add antiqued mirrors, bronzed pendant lights and old-fashioned cabinets with the basin, to your bathroom.

Then you can match that up by installing Antique subway tiles (preferably off- white or of some other light shade)with glazed finishes. The aged brick off-white hue tile will create a subtle appearance and showcase the other design elements more distinctively!

“Or How About Giving Your Bathroom a Trendy Twist”: 

Alluring bathrooms consist of floor to ceiling installation of attractive subway tiles. Design the bathroom space by fitting wooden planks on the ceiling. It will provide a greater contrast to the light coloured subway tiles. One can also add a mixture of metals to present a more industrial appeal.

For a more appealing design consisting of clean lines; you can also opt for tile patterns which are similar to a crosshatch.

“Lastly, If You Consider Yourself A Minimalist”: 

Opting for oversized ceramic subway tiles in Perth is one way to achieve a clean and crisp appearance. Find a reputed supplier and request for 4x16 neutral subway tiles with grey grout lines to match up to the floating vanity.

Moreover, the use of larger subway tiles means fewer tiles are installed. And that leads to less cleaning headaches too!

Last Words... 

When searching for subway tiles, it is important to spend enough time to find a trustworthy subway tile for renovations. Also, consult with them about more trending ways to use subway tiles in bathing spaces. Thoroughly check their tile mix, their density, hardness and its water resisting capabilities. 

Quality tile suppliers will usually have subway tiles or all shapes and sizes. Options will also come in the form of smooth polish, glossy glazed finish, slip matte finish, etc.

Contact a trustworthy tile supplier, sort out the right design for your bathroom renovations in Perth and present it the facelift it so deserves. 

Author's Bio: 

The author is an expert in bathroom renovations in Perth along with a blogger. Having heaps of experience in using subway tiles in Perth, the author constantly educates the readers on new trending bathroom remodelling.