“Most people hold their breath and this causes aches, pains, tension, hormonal changes, and leads to disease. The very simple act of breathing deep can bring about lots of beneficial health changes… and it’s FREE”

Breathing seems simple yet most people are caught in a constant cycle of holding their breath and not breathing much at all. And this causes great physical, mental, and inter-relationship stress… but it’s easy to change if we remind ourselves to breathe deep.

Even the prestigious Harvard Medical School has found the simple act of breathing deep has many health benefits that are taken for granted. Most people do chest breathing by trying to expand the top of their rib cage instead of breathing by using their diaphragm. Watch a baby in a newborn area of a hospital, these babies don’t have a care in the world and they breathe with their bellies going in and out. This is normal breathing and it’s also deep breathing. We can’t breathe deep if we are always trying to hold in our gut and look good, or we have tension all the time trying to hold ourselves together. Breathing deep is a natural process!

Any time we have something stressful happen we hold our breath. And when the world is full of stressful events happening all the time, we tend to hold our breath all the time, and that leads to stress… which leads to disease.

Here are a few benefits of breathing deep:

Boosts Our Immune System - Breathing deep causes our immune system to work correctly, thus allowing antigens, white blood cells, and all the rest of the immune system processes to do their job. Our lymphatic system is improved by the simple act of breathing deep, thus more toxins and invaders are rounded up and kept under control. Holding our breath creates stress which suppresses our immune system… thus we come down with disease.

Good Digestion - When we breathe deep our digestive system works correctly because it stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system. Which directly stimulates good peristalsis of our gut and allowing digestive enzymes to be expressed in their correct proportions.

Get Rid of Free Radicals - The simple act of breathing deep helps to bring more oxygen to the body and thus helps rid the body of DNA changing free radicals which cause disease.

Deep Breathing Balances Acid in the Body - Breathing deep helps balance acid/base system in the body and thus helps to prevent disease caused by too much acid accumulating in the system. The deeper we breathe the more CO2 we release and thus the body becomes more alkaline. And when we breathe very shallowly we release less CO2 and thus our body becomes more acidic which causes inflammation, which eventually results in disease.

Improved Circulation - Breathing deep brings more oxygen to our lungs, heart, and into our blood and into every single tissue in our body. Thus our heart beats slower and more rhythmic, and their is less stress on our heart in general… and less stress on every organ in our body. Plus our blood is able to carry away more toxins, and thus we feel better, with less aches, pains, and stiffness… and we have more vitality.

Balanced Hormones - Breathing deep helps balance hormones in the body by stimulating the pneumogastric nerve which brings about better sleep, improves metabolism, helps the liver and kidneys to function correctly, and even helps endocrine producing glands to work in harmony with each other.

We Feel Relaxed - Breathing deep helps our nervous system to de-stress and thus allows cortisol, adrenalin, and other stress hormones to shut off. And thus more good hormones such as serotonin take over allowing out body to feel great and improving our mood. And instead of taking medications to relax to get rid of tension headaches and migraines we have our own builtin internal pharmacy of good feeling hormones that can take over. Thus we don’t end up with liver toxicity caused by over the counter or prescribed medications… plus we feel better.

Think Better - When we breathe deep we move more blood through the blood brain barrier and thus more oxygen and nutrients are moved into the brain and we have more creative, have better cognitive function, and we are able to learn easier and faster. And some types of breathing balances both sides of the brain thus creating a deeper state of relaxation.

We Get Along Better with Others - When we are relaxed by breathing deep we have less tension in our body. And thus we feel better and that translates into good mood which makes it easier for us to get along with others. Some people find they also have more compassion and consideration for others which in the long run brings about compassion and feelings of love for themselves. And deep breathing can also help us relax to a point that we start to understand other points of view… and have the ability to compromise.

Less Fear - When we breathe deep it’s hard to be fearful, and thus we relax and let go of the past and center on the here-and-now. It’s hard to keep thinking about the past or the future when we keep our mind concentrating on breathing.

Don’t Have to Buy Anything - To be naturally healthy we don’t have to buy anything in the way of prescription drugs, herbs, or anything. All we need is to breathe deep which is totally FREE… it’s our birthright from the very second we are born.

Simple Technique for Breathing Deep - Sit down and close your eyes, and take a deep breath, breathe as deep as you can… then exhale as slowly as you can. Repeat this process 24 times and up to 100 times, and while breathing concentrate on the expansion and contraction of your lungs. You will be amazed how great you will feel after a few minutes of deep breathing.

You Deserve to Feel GREAT!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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