About a year ago I went to a health and wellbeing centre and had a little look around the entrance, but I didn’t go any further. However, a few weeks ago I felt the urge to go to this place again, and this made me look at the website.

I found out that there would be a free guided mediation event in few weeks time and that this would be hosted by the Founder & Manager of the centre, Angela Oakes. When I looked at her picture on the website, I got the impression that she was nurturing and down to earth.

A Pleasant Environment

Shortly after I arrived at the centre, I was directed to a room where the first part of the event would take place and I was told that I could help myself to a tea if I wanted one. On my way to this room I noticed that there were a number of positive messages dotted around, and one of the messages was about how important it was to be persistent, not perfect.

The room where I waited felt very peaceful and I ended up being drawn to a small image that spoke about a chakra labyrinth. I had heard of the charka system before, yet I hadn’t come across anything where these two things were combined.

An Accurate Assessment

When I met Angela, it became clear that the impression I had formed after seeing her picture was pretty accurate. She had a very light and nurturing presence, and most importantly, she was present.

Taking this into account, and after hearing about how she had gradually built the centre up over the years and how she was doing what she could to no longer use plastic, I came to the conclusion that she was a true humanitarian. Once we had all had a good chat, we went into another room for the guided meditation.
Very Relaxing

One of the things that stood out during the guided relaxation was when Angela basically said that the in breath represents the masculine energy, while the out breath represents the feminine energy. A few moments after she said this, I knew exactly what she was talking about.

The masculine takes, and, when we breathe in, we are taking the air; the feminine, on the other hand, gives, and when we breathe out we are giving. This is, then, another example of how the masculine and feminine energies exist within everyone, regardless of their gender.

Another Piece to the Puzzle

Over the years I have written a number of articles that go into the difference between the masculine and the feminine and how important it is to integrate both of these energies. Ultimately, one side is no better than the other; both are needed in order to live a fulfilling existence.

Still, this doesn’t mean that everyone on the planet will end up with the same amount of each aspect through undergoing this process. There will be some people who are more masculine than feminine and vice versa.

A Fulfilling Night

Another thing that stood out during the guided relation was how competent Angela was, which made me think about whether or not she had recorded any guided relaxation audios. What played a part in me thinking this was the variation in her voice and the fact that I have listened to a number of guided relaxation and hypnotherapy audios over the years.

I am pleased that I went to this event, and I think that this shows the importance of listening to ourselves; if I had ignored the urge to go to this event, I would have missed. By going to this event, a number seeds were definitely planted.

If you would like to find out more about Angela, and what is on offer at this health and wellbeing centre that is based in Kent in England, please go to - http://www.theholisticentre.uk.

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