Commonly, the process of breathing meditation is designed to calm the mind and enhance the potential for inner peace. Many will opt to use breathing meditation as a way to partially or totally reduce the levels of distractions that might be manifesting.

Meditation - The Easy Breathing Process

At the early stage of meditation, you will need to block any and all distractions which seek to undermine the ability to correctly meditate and allow the brain to think clearer and more coherently. Easy breathing meditation may make this more possible. We will need a calm place to meditate and the position you sit in must be comfortable. The traditional cross-legged position is preferred by many although you could employ any one of a number of other poses as well. You could even sit in a chair. The key point here is you need to keep your back unbent to keep the mind from getting sleepy or sluggish.

We will sit with our eyes partly shut and out attention will be turned inwards. We will breath naturally and through the nostrils and do so without any attempts to control our breath and ake steps to develop a cognitive sense of our breathing as it enters and exists the nostrils. The aim of our meditation is to feel these sensations. Attention should be centered on it more than anything else when we meditate.

At first, our brain may be quite active and we might even feel that performing meditation makes our brain more active; yet, what is really happening is that we are using meditation to gain a clear insight into how active our brain has become. A great deal of temptation will arise nudging us to examine all the different thoughts that travel through our brain and we need to take the steps to resist their influence and stay focused on our breathing. If our brain starts to wander and our thoughts begin to meander, we need to return our attention on our breath and continue to meditate. Repeat this as many times as possible until the mind concentrates on the proper task.

Those that take the time out to rehearse the process in a patient manner can lessen the impact of distracting thoughts effectively which may lead towards eventual inner peace. The mind will become more coherent in its thoughts and it will be free of much agitation and aggravation. Consider this similar to how an ocean will suffer from murkiness when water churns incessantly and the wind blows severely. To a degree, the endless flow of troubled thoughts can actually be quieted when we center on our breath and allow the mind to become clear and calm. It is advised to maintain this state of mind as much as possible.

While breathing meditation may only be a preliminary phase of meditation, it has a great many benefits associated with it. You might soon discover that taking part in the practice of meditation helps a person maintain a level of inner peace since the activities of the mind will be under greater personal control.

As soon as the troubling presence of disquieting thoughts diminishes and the brain becomes still, a greater sense of happiness and contentment will manifest from inside ourselves. This feeling of great contentment and well-being allows us to more effectively deal with those aspects of life we might not always find very enjoyable. A great deal of tension and stress we experience derives from our thoughts and a number of the issues we have to deal with such as physical health ailments will be increased by the stress we undergo. We will experience a calming, spacious feeling in the brain, and many problems we have to suffer through will diminish. Problematic and troubling situations will become a lot easier to address and we will begin to feel more positive as a result which will improve our relationships with others.

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