It has been said that our greatest wealth is health, and it doesn’t take much thought to realise why this is. When someone has good health, it will be lot easier for them to live a fulfilling life.

If they are not in good health, it is going to be a lot harder for them to enjoy their time on this earth. Therefore, it will be important for them to take care of their body and mind, and not to overlook the vehicle that allows them to experience life.


For example, one person may have all kinds of possessions and all the money they need, but it might not be possible for them to enjoy what they have if they are in bad health. Other people may look at what they have and wish they had the same; without realising the kind of position they are in.

The person who is well off in a material sense may look at the people who are having the opposite experience and say how they would do anything to change places. This is not to say that someone can’t be healthy and wealthy, or that people who are not wealthy are always healthy.

The Most Important Thing

What it does emphasise is how important someone’s health is, and while this might seem obvious, this is something that can take a back seat in life. Their focus can be on attaining material possessions and/or maintaining a certain status in the eyes of others.

However, there are many people who realise how important their health is and while they will work hard, they are not going to compromise their health in the process. Through this, not only will they be able to attain things, they will also be able to enjoy what they attain.

A Minor Problem

It is not necessary for someone to have a serious health problem in order for them to suffer; something fairly insignificant can still make it hard for them to enjoy life. For example: if they have an ulcer in their mouth, it can cause them to experience incredible pain.

In a short amount of time, the ulcer is likely to heal and they won’t need to be consumed by what is taking place in their mouth. Before they had the ulcer they may have just got used to how they felt, and for a short time after woods, it may cause them to appreciate being pain-free without needing to attain anything else.


It has been said that ulcers are caused by stress, and what this shows is that someone’s physical health can be affected by how they feel. This example could be seen a fairly trivial, but it is not difficult for someone to relate to it.

When someone experiences loss, they are also likely to experience stress, and how much stress they experience can depend on a number of factors. If they lose someone they love, for instance, there is a strong chance that they will experience incredible pain.


And because they have experienced loss, it will be normal for them to experience grief, and in order for them to let go off this pain, it will be important for them to mourn. If they are unable to mourn, it is not going to be possible for their pain to be released.

This grief is going to be felt in their chest area and they may feel as though their heart has been broken into pieces. However, even though this pain needs to be faced in order to be released, it doesn’t mean that this will take place.


Instead, this pain can end up being trapped in their body, and while they may gradually disconnect from how they feel, it doesn’t mean that it will simply disappear. It may take a while for their grief to have an impact on their life though.

This grief can have an impact on how they feel, the kind of thoughts they have and how they behave, and as time passes, it can also influence their physical health. If these symptoms appeared straight away, it might be easier for someone to realise what the cause is.

The Delay

But as it can take a while for these symptoms to appear, it can be normal for someone to wonder why they are experiencing life as they are. One of the biggest reasons why people don’t face their pain is because of the society they live in.

In today’s world, people are rarely encouraged to mourn when they experience loss, and what they are likely to be told is to move on or to simply ‘get over it’. Through avoiding how they feel, they will end up being stuck in their grief, and even though it is not their intention to suffer, they will face the consequences as time goes by.


When this grief stays trapped in their chest, it can make it hard for them to breath, and if they don’t experience this pain in everyday life, they may experience it when they take part in some form of exercise. This is because their lungs will be under greater pressure and this will trigger their unmourned grief.

Yet, if the pain they experience is purely physical, they might not think about how this pain could be caused by what is taking place at an emotional level. And as it is a physical problem, they may end up taking some kind of medication.

Embracing Life

If someone finds it hard to breathe, it is clear to see that it is going to make it harder for them to enjoy life, and what is not as clear, is that it can make it harder for them to embrace life. Being able to breathe is what allows someone to exist, and if they can’t take in air, not only is it going to make it harder for them to breath, it is also going to make it harder for them to take in life.


The grief that is within them will need to be mourned, and as this takes place, they may begin to find that it easier for them to breathe. If someone finds it hard to connect with how they feel they may need the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group.

Through this external support, it will be possible for them to gradually get in touch with how they feel and to cry out the pain that is within them. This is unlikely to be something that happens over night, and this is why they will need to keep going.

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