In the present day scenario, where relationships do not stay long and an individual does not have time to check on his or her own self-well-being. Hence, there comes into limelight the breathwork meditation to cope the life to better standards. It also helps to elevate the self-esteem of an individual.

In the fast paced life, the stress levels and the over-burdening relationships add on to disconnect a person to his own self. To help an individual to reduce his or her stress levels and to reconnect to his or her own self-being; the breathwork meditation has a good impact on improving his or her life standards.

Different types of breathwork meditation: There are many types of breathwork meditations like Shamanic Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork, Integrative Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathwork, and Radiance Breathwork. All the above breathwork techniques practised at any time of the day help a person to feel lighter with emotions and comes out as a radiant person with full of new hope in life.

The Shamanic breathing as the name “Shaman” means a healer or a coordinator between you and the supernatural power. The interconnection is done by a series of breathing techniques and helps you to connect to your inner consciousness and helps to reduce the chaos within your mind.

How to practice breathwork meditation:

The breathwork meditation requires the following:

Initially, it requires only 5 minutes of time to start with the practice of breathwork meditation. The 5 minutes time can be at any point of the day.
One needs to have a mat to sit or to lie down for practice.
Sit or lie down in a relaxed position on the mat.
Close your eyes.
And concentrate on the breathing.
The different patterns of breathing exercises help you to feel lighter and also relieves the worries and the traumas.

Uses of Breathwork Meditation:

The breathing technique helps to remove the excess negativity from your body.
It increases oxygen intake and the body cells are happier with sufficient amount of oxygen.
The good amount of oxygen supports the normal functioning of the body.
It supports the mind to concentrate better on productive tasks.
It also soothes the old traumas which one has undergone in the past in his or her life.
It is comforting to accept the life as the way it is by not burdening with negative relations.
The problems in life may not change. But breathwork meditation helps one to accept the problems and evolves to a better person.

Train yourself with breathwork meditation:

The breathwork training needs to be practised under a breathwork teacher. As the saying goes, “one needs to have a teacher to guide to the right path; guided path leads to eternal happiness and peace within oneself. The breathwork training from a breathwork teacher can be taken on a personal level, like a one on one meeting; or if a person wants breathwork training in a group, then that too can be done.

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