Everyone breathes but unfortunately very few people breathe very well. That’s why Breathing Training is becoming more popular than yoga and meditation! And that’s why it’s the fastest growing trend in the fields of health and wellness, fitness and performance.

How we breathe matters. When we allow our breathing system to decline, we set ourselves up for every kind of illness and ailment. In fact, more than 100 diseases are caused, triggered, or exacerbated by unconscious, unhealthy breathing patterns.

Conscious Breathing is the most accessible method there is to prevent or remedy many of our most pressing health issues. Breathwork training is the most natural and direct way of healing a whole range of physical, emotional and psychological problems and challenges.

Breathing Training boosts lung volume and prevents the loss of respiratory capacity as we age. It helps improve posture and spinal health. Breathwork Training makes us more adaptable and resilient and it activates and supports the body’s natural self-healing powers.

Breathwork helps us to heal tension, pain, fear, depression and anxiety disorders when drugs and other traditional methods don’t work. It improves our moods, emotions, and sleep states. And it helps us to increase awareness, confidence, intuition, self-esteem, self-appreciation, and self-love.

Breathing Training supports heart health and boosts mental health. It allows us to hack into our immune system, our nervous system and our brain, to control problems like high blood pressure, inflammation, asthma, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, and long-standing addictions.

Conscious Breathing Techniques trigger the release of opioids (natural pain killers and anti-depressants), as well as dopamine and serotonin (“happy and calming” hormones—neurotransmitters of pleasure, motivation and memory). And they also reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone).

Breathing training helps improve digestion and it supports weight loss. Did you ever wonder where your weight goes when you lose it? Studies show that most of that weight is eliminated through the breath!

Poor breathing habits, especially in children even cause unhealthy development and disturbing changes in facial muscles, joints, bones, and teeth alignment. Our ancestors had naturally healthy breathing habits, and they all had straight teeth!

Breathwork training clears stale stagnant energy from our system. It helps us to access, manage and release suppressed emotions, to control our nervous system and alter our brainwaves. Breathing training allows us to relax and energize ourselves on demand.

Breathwork helps to reset our body’s basic mechanisms and brain chemistry. It helps athletes to run faster, dive deeper, climb higher, and it helps us all to sleep better and to live longer.

Breathwork Training produces powerful psychological insights and emotional breakthroughs. It triggers beautiful mystical visions, deep spiritual awakenings, and genuine “rebirth” experiences. It even allows us to turn certain genes on and off.

Breathing Training helps us to maintain balance in the body so that mild health problems don’t develop into serious health issues. Breathwork awakens our natural appreciation of the magic and mystery of life. It helps us to realize our purpose, and to fulfill our heart’s grandest desires.

None of this is new. Practically every modern breathing technique was taught by the ancient masters and can be found in ancient texts. These techniques have been renamed, repackaged and repurposed over the years by different cultures for different reasons.

Anyone of any age can benefit from breathing training. But since breathwork unlocks powerful life force energies, some breathing exercises may not be suitable for everyone, and certain breathing techniques are definitely not for dabblers.

Activating energy is easy, but learning to wisely control, direct and distribute this energy is another thing altogether. That’s why breathwork requires weeks or months to learn, and years to master.

The world desperately needs more high quality breathworkers and ethical breathing teachers. That’s why I offer breathing training, coaching and consulting. And that’s why I teach others to facilitate breathing sessions and to lead breathwork seminars and workshops.

Now is a perfect time to begin a new career in the field of health and wellness, fitness and performance, or to take your current healing or coaching practice to the next level. I have been teaching breathwork since the early 1970’s, and so you are invited to enroll in one of the oldest and most respected Breathwork Practitioner Certification Programs and Breathing Teacher Trainings in the world.

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