Why should you invest in fiber? How is mobile broadband? How do we know that there will be something even better in the future? A summary that answers the questions why you should connect to the fiber network. Here you will find a more detailed explanation of bredband fiber bäst i test.

Why build fiber networks?

Answer: The old copper-based network that is currently used for broadband, telephony and in some cases the TV is outdated and can not deliver the speeds that today's and tomorrow's consumers demand.

Today we consume digital media and entertainment to a much greater extent than even a few years ago - such as music, television, video, and various film services. We use social networks increasingly, we do banking, declare and maintain contacts with the authorities on the Internet.
The technological development sets a fast pace. New services that require high capacity will constantly evolve. Therefore, not the existing network capacities suffice in the future.

Some advantages of fiber

• Lower costs for telephony, TV and Internet.
• Perfect TV reception with full support for HD video store over the net, SVT Play directly in the TV, and the like.
• Support for future services such as home health care, social alarms, home alarms and other things that will be provided over the network.
• The signal travels at the speed of light and is independent of the number of users, distance and other factors.
• Åsksäkert because fiber optics is not conductive. Although reliable in other ways, as the cable is laid in the ground.

Why spend a lot of money on a fiber connection?

Answer: A fiber connection is certainly not free. But by collecting telephone, Internet and television with a service provider, saves several crowns every year. This means a cost that will eventually repay the investment. Meanwhile, properties with fiber connection a higher attraction value of the property at a future sale.

Will not the mobile network to solve the requirements for proper connection speed?

Answer: Mobile broadband works well in cities, but in rural areas where we have large distances and sparse masts risk capacity will not keep up with consumer needs, where more and more acquire smart phones and tablets charged to the net. Mobile broadband also costs per volume of data which can be costly in the long run. For these reasons, a fiber connection to the property is a wise investment in rural areas, where development of the mobile network is more uncertain.

How do you know that in the future will not be something even better and faster than fiber?

Answer: Fiber optics based on light and capacity of fiber cables is far higher than today's needs. Today it is common fiber subscriptions for 10, 100 or 1000 Mbit / s, but in practice the tow an almost unlimited capacity. As the development moves forward, and capacity requirements increase, you can increase the speed of the network. It then needs to be replaced, the electronics are available at link above ground. This makes fiber optics to a future of safe and sustainable technologies.

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