Your dream of marrying one of the best persons in the world is coming alive. With each passing day, instead of relaxing, your tensions are only increasing. Treat your wedding as once-in-a-lifetime affair, and make the best of arrangements possible. We will help you make your dream as extravagant as possible with a host of services, right from preparing Bridal Shower invitations to supplying wedding accessories. We will guide you with the basic etiquettes for Bridal Shower invitations.

Bridal Showers, generally are hosted by the maid of honor, close girl friend, bridesmaid, or the sometimes even mother of the bride. When you prepare the invitation, make sure that the important information is precise and clear. Most of the bridal showers have a theme. All the invitees need to dress-up accordingly. The Bridal Shower invitations too are designed based on the theme of the event. Take care that all the invitees of the bridal shower are also invited to the wedding, however, the vice-versa does not hold good. Remember to include all the close girlfriends of the bride. The invitation should have the directions to the venue to avoid complications and confusions. It may happen that the bridal shower is not a gift shower, so mention it in the invite. Make sure that the invites are out well in advance to make people re-schedule their other appointments.

Bridal Shower Host has variety of invitations for bridal shower to help you make the best choice. The wordings of a bridal shower need to excite the invitees to attend the event. You can choose a floral theme for the bridal shower. A floral theme offers flexibility to the invitees and never goes out of fashion. For a floral theme, Bridal Shower Host brings to you a selected range of invitations. For instance, one can chose a pink floral invitation card, which has a graphic of a bride along with a grey border and flower bouquets. The floral touch looks refreshing and fancy, when the invitees wear only flowers as jewelry with pink and white floral attire. A floral theme offers lot of scope for experimentation.

If you are hosting a couple-wedding shower, you can choose the theme of lovebirds. The themed invitation has the graphic of lovebirds perched on a vine and a heart amidst the two. With subtle blue background, the invite can be customized with the images of the couple or a line or two that justifies them. Other options that are available for invitations are a diamond invitee, wherein there is a graphic of big diamond (like the one on the ring) with the text ‘You are invited’ on the front. If you prefer a subtle invitation, then go for the pastel shade ‘Wedding Shower’ invites.

Bridal Shower Host offers a wide range of wedding accessories like three-tier wedding cake, sign boards for the bridal shower, reception, wedding cake toppers, disposable camera, tent cards, etc. One can chose a humorous wedding cake topper made of ceramic, or go for a romantic one with hearts and doves. The management of your pre and post wedding events will now be as easy as cakewalk with Bridal Shower Host.

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