Indeed gold is timeless, but what if you are told that silver is the new gold? While the question does not hold true for many, but silver jewelry is becoming a very popular choice. Of late, women want to experiment. They do not like the idea of rules, and statements that start with "you must" kill their mood.

Most women these days like to keep it quirky. They love the idea of wearing something unique daily. In that light, a lot of women are experimenting with their bridal jewelry. Gone are the days when gold was the to-go deals for the brides. The new-age brides are breaking out of the age-old rules and trying silver tribal necklace and german silver necklace for the wedding.

So, if you are one of these bold brides, we have a treasure trove of silver jewelry options that you can try for your wedding. Of course, you can choose to mix and match, but if you are planning to do something unique this is your chance!

Silver armlets:

Armlets are a piece of traditional bridal jewelry and in a lot of cultures, armlets are essential. However, so far you have perhaps only come across gold armlets adorned by brides. But those days are long gone. If you are planning on getting an armlet anyway, consider buying one in silver. Silver armlets look dazzling. However, unlike gold, you can choose to wear silver daily. So choose a design that you can wear even after your wedding.

Silver anklets:

Silver anklets add that much-needed bling to the wedding. This is one jewelry that people prefer in silver and thus gold anklets are not that common. In addition to silver anklets, silver toe rings are also an essential part of the wedding in many cultures. There is scientific backing to this ritual. Since silver is a good conductor of heat, it is believed that silver toe rings absorb the energy of the sun and passes it on to the reproductive organs. Nowadays there are various designs available for silver anklets and toe rings so pick the best you like.

Silver earrings:

Your silver earrings will go hand in hand with a chunky silver necklace that you choose to wear at your wedding. It is okay to say that one looks pretty bland without the other. But thankfully, there are beautiful bridal silver jewelry options available to us. You can just select one that you like the most and create an iconic bridal look. However, it's important to borne in mind that you will be wearing the earrings throughout the day. Thus it's important to choose a pair that you are comfortable with. It is advisable not to opt for heavy silver earrings for the wedding.

Silver finger rings:

It's a tradition to wear the engagement ring on the wedding day. However, many brides nowadays choose to wear different types of rings with their D-Day attire to glam up their wedding look. In this case, too gold seems to be losing its position of importance. The upcoming brides are more into silver and platinum wedding rings. If you like bling of any kind, then you can select silver wedding rings which are studded with fancy stones.

Silver bangles:

Unlike gold bangles, silver bangles are not that heavy. It's also possible to wear multiple of these which create a regal look. However, if you want the silver bangles to match your bridal attire then opt for the stone-studded ones. Since they are available in multiple colors choosing a set to-go with your lehenga will not be very difficult. You can also team up your silver bangles with your Suhag churas and create a very exquisite look.

Silver Waistband

While others may be going ga-ga over imitation waistbands, create a stir by flaunting a beautiful silver waistband. In most Indian weddings, waistbands are quite widely used. They add that bridal touch. However gold waistbands tend to be very expensive. So, to keep it classy and affordable opt for the silver variety. Imagine how stunning your waistband will look against your deep red or crimson lehenga!

Silver Maang Tikka

For some time, this exquisite piece of jewelry had lost its importance. However, it has resurfaced again and is here to make you look ravishing. However, instead of opting for costume jewelry, create something unique. Go through the net and take a look at the beautiful tribal silver necklace. They look stunning and if you can team them with proper attire and complementary hair-do. Then nothing can stop you from looking breath-taking!

So gear up for your wedding with beautiful silver jewelry. Silver has become very refined these days. Thus they are not only the ideal wedding jewelry options, but they can also be your go-to jewelry for any occasion. So hurry up and get shopping!

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