Experts at West Ridge Academy agree that the teenage years can some of the hardest years of our life. A lot of the clashes that happen between kids and their parents could be attributed to the so called generation gap. Kids come programmed with their own interests and when parents try to steer them they run into problems.

Remembering kids are people too and both parents and children need to feel like they can express themselves within the bounds of a healthy family culture.. Bridging the gap with your teen is always possible.

Are You an Understanding Parent?

No good parent will abandon his child even though they are in the adolescence period of their lives. Even though you would do anything for your bratty teen they still have the ability to say some pretty nasty things to you in times of emotional outbreaks.

Using patience will help defuse your teen. Ask them what they want, why they want it, and attempt to offer alternatives. This way, you become an understanding parent in the eyes of your teens because they will be grateful of how you try to consider their ideas and not just push your own wants on them.

Being “Understanding” Doesn’t Mean That You Should Be A Push Over

As a parent, you can be understanding and strict at the same time. Your experience as a communicator is important to use to so that they feel that you are understanding them thus allowing them to put their guard down and trust you. Be careful to not become a pushover and get walked all over when it comes to family rules.

Let's consider you child is asking for money, you could let him choose what he can do to get it and then hold him accountable for success or failure. When he fulfills on his side of the deal then you promptly fulfill on your end of the bargain.

Spending More Time With Your Teens

Even though your teen might seem like a fully functioning adult, don't neglect to spend time with them. If you want your kids to feel important, let them be involved in the family decision making processes.

Ask them how they feel about upcoming family vacations” or “What brand of car should I buy for the whole family?

Recreating with your kids will create memories that you will cherish the rest of your life.

Motivating Your Teens

If you want your teen to have a much greater sense of gratitude for you when you recognize their position characteristics and motivate them. If your teenager likes improving his skills related to Internet or technology, simply let him explain what he is doing. Complement them on their interests and hobbies even if you don't get what they are doing.

West Ridge Academy says that in the end the most important things you can do for your kids is to communicate with them and give them your time.

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