The infrastructure sector across the world is bringing in modern technologies and state-of-the-art facilities to the people.
India is growing at lightning speed like never before. Investments are pouring in to build high-end commercial facilities, industrial zones, public transport, residential areas and lots more. The future forecasts look good for India and other nations of the world but there are challenges too.

Current Market Scenario

With globalization and other factors, infrastructure boom is being seen in developing nations. Urban growth will be witnessed mainly in India, Indonesia, Nigeria, and other developing nations. Government policies are offering new opportunities for infrastructure investors.

At present, the government is rolling out transport infra projects such as metro rail, bullet train, roadways, etc. But the growing number of people in the major cities of India continue to overcrowd the new transport systems. Power outages still exist in various parts of the country.

In India, the population continues to grow. But corruption still continues to pose problems for infrastructure developers. While there are hurdles in the growth of infra projects, it gives new opportunities for creating better projects in the future. The good news is, there are several ambitious projects that are in various stages of project planning and implementation at the moment.

India’s public, as well as private projects, usually have tie-ups with foreign partners who are chosen for their specific expertise. The talent in India also gets ample opportunities to be a part of these future-focused projects.


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Marcep Inc. is a division of Marcep Group which has a JV with some of the major projects over the world and has entered the Asian market in sharing knowledge to the industry.