Bayerische Motoren Werke, in short, BMW is a German automobile and motorcycle company found in 1917. While most people have atleast heard about BMW cars, BMW motorcycles are manufactured under the brands BMW Motorrad and Husqvarna. The company is also into individual engine making.

BMW cars - A new name for luxury

BMW is one of the few automobile brands that establish such reputation that the brand name in itself becomes a symbol of supreme quality. From Dixi, its first car, to the latest 328i, BMW has lived up to this reputation for decades and still continues to do so.

BMW sedans to match different tastes

BMW has recently introduced the 328i Series of three sedans to appeal to buyers of different tastes. The models are - sports, luxury, and modern. Quite suggestively, the sports model is for the enthusiastic driver who prefers having the fun factor along with comfort. The sports sedan offers the much sought after advantage of speed. It is capable of reaching ferocious speeds in its "Sport " setting, therefore letting you enjoy a speedy yet smooth drive.

Its luxury edition is for those who want a peaceful, smooth, and reliably safe drive. This one won't give you speed as great as the Sports model but the plush interiors and the safety factor easily make up for the lack of speed.

The modern line is embedded with all the latest electronic gadgets and accessories as you can think of. It combines luxury with speed and its interiors can make you fall in love with the car. The Poplar wood trim is another enticing feature of the car.

So which one of the three is your type? Maybe a test drive of these models of BMW for sale in Phoenix can help you decide.

BMWs venture into the sports cars arena

BMW has always been known for its luxury cars and sedans. It is in the year 2000 that it stepped into the SUV domain as well. The first sports vehicle by BMW was the X5, which they like to call a "Sports Activity Vehicle". The X5 differs from traditional SUVs in its design. Instead of a truck kind design, it is based on 5 series car chassis, making the overall look much more appealing than other sports vehicles of that time. The second generation X5, the E70, was introduced in 2007. And 2011 saw the updating of the X5 as a mid-cycle refresh. If you wish to buy an X5 but are on a limited budget, a used BMW for sale is an excellent idea.

Why it is smart to buy used BMW for sale

BMW is one company that manufactures vehicles of supreme quality that can last for years without giving you any trouble. So buying one that has been previously owned, but is in a good condition is a very wise choice to make. Luxury automobiles do not look old or worn easily, so even if you buy a pre-owned vehicle you can still enjoy the stylish looks and pampering interiors of a BMW.

So whether you are planning to buy a brand new BMW for sale in Phoenix or a used BMW for sale, you are going to feel proud about owning a BMW for sure.

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