Imagine sitting down in an inspiring, sacred space and mindfully envisioning something you would like to bring into your life. You immerse every fiber of your sensing being into the experience of receiving this thing you wish to have. You see it happening right before your very eyes. You feel the excitement as this situation unfolds and presents itself to you. You see the people involved, the colors and the sounds. Your joyful heart flutters as you realize you have manifested your desire.

This is an example of conscious creation. With a clear intention, sharp focus, and strong visualization we all can consciously create our lives into alignment with our soul's most precious desires.

I would like to share a personal story with you. When I was first learning to do this, I had my husband sit down with me in a candlelit room. My slightly suspicious, but totally willing guy went on a meditative journey with me to consciously create a new, beautiful home for us. We both imagined a bigger house, with a pool and a large kitchen with plenty of space for entertaining. We saw it on a cul-de-dac so our kids could safely play outside. We saw ourselves sitting in chairs at the end of our driveway, drinking wine together as our kids played. I saw a special room for me to practice my yoga and space to hang my sparkly, crystal suncatchers. We even dressed it up with details such as the bright, natural lighting, We saw ourselves there. We lived there for a few other dimensional moments.

We had no idea how we would afford to have this new home or how it would all come about, but we trusted...

We blew out the candles and with the flames went our intention into the ethers.

We had created the space. The Universe by law, had to fill the space. We left the details to God and went about our lives.

Two months later my husband had received a large promotion, we had packed up our entire house and relocated to a new city and a new home.

The speed of the transition felt like a whirlwind to me and I was so wrapped up in the emotion of leaving my close knit family that I didn't even see the blessing we had received,

One detail that we had forgotten to add in was that we wanted to stay in the same town!

Once we had gotten settled in our new home and started to get adjusted, suddenly one day it hit me!

We had a very spacious new house, with a pool, on a cul-de-sac, my own yoga room with a nice window to hang my suncatchers, a beautiful open kitchen, with lots of windows allowing in tons of natural light!

My husband and I together, had created and manifested our own beautiful home! We laughed together when we realized that we had left out the WHERE in our creating.

Nonetheless, we are solid proof that conscious creating works.

So you see, life can be full of freedom and fun when we fully step into our own power. It's time to awaken to your own limitless potential and sprinkle a little bit of magic into your life!

Author's Bio: 

Dena Blevins is a spiritual teacher, women's empowerment coach, spiritual blogger, energy healer, crystal suncatcher designer, yoga teacher, wife and mother of two.