Breakups are not necessarily an ending of a relationship. It might even be a good way to start anew and leave all the past mistakes behind. This is a good time to think over a few things about your self, your ex and your relationship.

That is why to some people, moving or and letting go is not a good idea especially if both parties just need some time to cool off their heads and there is still love for one another. So instead of trying to figure out each other’s mistakes, think of ways on how you can bring your ex back. A good way of betting your ex back is to avoid certain things that may be hindrances to reconciliation. Here are the things that you shall not do:

1. Thou Shall Not Run After Your Ex

As soon as you two decided to break up, make sure to take the time off. This means you should give your ex some space because this might be what he or she wants after all. Giving your ex some time will also help him or her think over how the relationship went and whether or not it still needs to be pursued. But if you keep on chasing or trying to push your self to your ex, he or she will just find you annoying and end up not wanting to bring back the relationship anymore.

If you also give space between you two, you are also giving time for yourself. This will be a good moment to pamper yourself or stay busy. It will help boost your confidence back and make you become more productive. Once your ex sees this, he or she will get attracted to your self-assurance and progress despite the breakup.

2. Thou Shall Not Isolate Yourself

Giving time for yourself does not mean total isolation. It will only make you sadder than ever. What you need to do is to do things that will make you enjoy and forget about the negative feelings. Go out again, go shopping with friends, spend time with family, or meet new people. Do activities which you have not done for quite some time ever since you became committed to someone.

This is the best way to reverse your break upwith him. Enjoy the freedom you now have when you no longer have to worry about having too many guy friends or meeting new ones.

3. Thou Shall Not Hook Up With Other Guys

Opening yourself up to other people is not about getting a new guy to immediately replace your ex and make you feel better. Most women think that this technique is useful to win back their ex but in fact, it only makes things worse. Not only do you play with your emotions but also with the feelings of the new guy. This will also make your ex think that you no longer want him or her since you now have someone fresh.

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