Team building activities outside of the office are a good way of bringing colleagues together and giving them opportunities to unwind and bond. It creates confidence between them and within the overall work environment. In order to make these exercises actually work, it’s important to recognise that people are different and there will have to be some compromises to find something everybody agrees on. Moreover, it’s important to take into account the different physical abilities of each worker and offer different options to make everyone feel as relaxed as possible.

When a team-building activity goes well, employees become united as a group, increase their strengths, address their weaknesses and develop important problem-solving and creativity skills. Furthermore, a good working environment makes each worker enjoy their time at the office more, and everyone knows a happy worker is a good worker. So here’s a list of the best company team building activities to help you out.

Team Building Retreats and Corporate Days

Arguably, the most enjoyable and successful teambuilding days are the ones that don’t feel like work. Corporate Packages at a local activity park can also be a good way of team building. It gives everyone a chance to spend a day out of the office doing fun activities. These packages can be tailored to your business’s needs, so they can be a good way of making sure everyone is catered for and will make the most of the day. Booking activities such as go-karting and laser tag might not seem obviously beneficial but the experience itself is an effective form of team building as it encourages bonding and working together on something completely new and different to work. A little healthy competition is perfect for a morale-boosting and fun experience – prizes or trophies could be awarded at the end of the day!


A coordinated employee volunteer activity helps staff to bond while taking part in solidarity activities and supporting the community all at the same time. By giving back to the community, co-workers develop strength and team spirit, as well as leadership abilities. Some companies release their employees from their usual duties for a week and they help out in the community instead. Some retail businesses encourage their staff to work in a charity shop. Finding a charity that means something to the team and finding different ways to support it is a great way to work together and feel united as a team.


One of the best team-building activities is without question, sport. It’s a great way of encouraging groups and getting co-workers to cultivate some team spirit. This sort of team exercise not only benefits the employees by creating stronger bonds but also increases physical activity which improves health and raises motivation. You could get together a work sports team and enter competitions to compete against other local businesses and teams.

Adrenaline Activities If your team is a team of adrenaline junkies why not do something crazy like a bungee jump or a skydive! Even if everybody doesn’t want to take part it can still be an effective team building activity as everyone could go along as a team and support those who are daring enough to have a go. You could even tie it in with the charity idea and obtain sponsorship, helping boost funds for a worthy cause!

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