Do you remember being a child you were so excited about your birthday or Christmas. You could hardly sleep the night before and awoke really early in the morning with pure excitement.

As a child these experiences were so pure, untouched by life's tragedies and traumas giving you joyful feelings that were so exciting and passionate.

It is sad that as adults, these feelings are put to the back of your memory, it has become so easy to forget how you once received the joy that was so greatly felt as a child.

As an infant and child your world was fully dependant on your mother, father or other people that your only way to survive was to receive.

So your heart opened to anything that was good, happy or joyful. As you have gone through life this ability you once had to receive openheartedly may have well been diminished by many different experiences throughout your life.

Maybe you were taught "Not to get your hopes up or you will be disappointed". Many various negative sayings were brought into play. This was not intentional to remove joy, but a misguidance that may have been intended to protect you from pain. However, for the main part this really comes from unresolved pain and issues of various people that have been part of your life.

Giving you a belief that it was perhaps important "Not to be too Happy" or "Not to be too Sad" because things may not go according to plan. Forgetting to mention that even if life doesn't always go according to plan that you can still have Joy and Happiness in your Life. You may have had times where you felt unworthy to feel joy or happiness. Even though you didn't necessarily believe this to be true.

Throughout the years of adulthood you have been also faced with many tragedies, loss, grief and pain. This can take a significant hold on your own inner joy and happiness, if you are not given back the tools or memories of how to bring about your very own happiness and joy.

During my years of working with people in my clinic, I have and still do support so many people in bringing out that inner joy and happiness from within. Learning to rise above these challenging emotions of sadness, anger, sorrow, hurt -emotions that have no value except to rob you of your joy and happiness, then leading to health problems that there doesn't seem to be any resolution to.

Once I show you how to receive and bring Joy back into your life you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your health and well being.

Bringing back your ability to receive Joy in your life will give you a feeling of warmth, love and belief that no matter what challenges you are faced with, you will cope.

9 Easy Steps to Learn How to Receive Joy & Happiness

Retrieving your ability to receive Joy and Happiness as an adult must be learnt once again. Brought forward into your conscious mind to be remembered. Learning how to receive joy and happiness, will bring a sense of peace, joy and internal happiness that you may well have not thought possible.

It is important to remember that no different than anything else in your life, the more you practice the art of receiving, the easier it will be and the better you will become with it. However, if this is totally new for you then remember to just take these steps, slowly implementing them into your daily life. What better time to start than during "Special Occasions."
•Accept with Grace and Gratitude: All compliments There are also times when people will make you feel joy, just because of their presence, belief in you and life. Don't forget to let them know that you care and you love having them in your life.
•You can begin to receive compliments easier by beginning to give them to yourself. In the morning after your routine of showering, dressing etc, say something nice to yourself like: "I think I look pretty good today." You have just finished a project at work, around the house, "Gee I did do a good job." Be proud of your own accomplishments will help you to share the joy with the people around you and their accomplishments.
•When someone says, “Oh, I love your dress,” or "You look handsome today," it is important for you to respond with a "Thank you." Allowing yourself to feel a sense of inner joy. No one wants to know where you got the dress from or the fact you may not feel that you are handsome. People giving you compliments are wanting to interact with you on a positive level with a sense of joy and happiness. You may like to respond by saying something like, "You look nice today," or "I like your dress/outfit." There are many positive compliments you can receive or make: "You are looking really well." "I like your shoes." "Your new Hairstyle."
•Power of Prayer
•Each of you have a guardian angel at times there may be even two or three. They love you to ask for help and support in changing your thinking from sadness to joy. They also like to be able to empower you with divine messages allowing you to believe in yourself and the universe. A simple prayer such as: "Please help me to put in the necessary changes so as to feel joy today." These messages will come back to you in the form of maybe a different thought, or something someone will say to you or maybe a book you are encouraged to read or something you feel an urge to do that is good for you.
•A Walk in Nature Inspires Joy The bees buzzing around the flowers in order to make their luscious sweet known to you as honey. When you walk don't just go past the tree, flowers, bushes, open your eyes, breathe in their energy and allow them to become a part of your walk with life.
•A walk at the beach, near a river. The running of water, the essence of the rocks, shells, crystals and plants bring a vibration to life that only comes from nature.
•Nature is one of the best antidepressant medications and it is on tap 24/7. Take a walk in nature first thing in the morning hearing the birds getting ready for the day and just at sunset preparing for their evening.
•Being GratefulSpend a couple minutes each day writing down five to ten things you are grateful for and appreciate, no matter how small. By being grateful, bringing thoughts of appreciation into your conscious mind will put you into a receptive state. This allowing you to be open to acceptance of the good things that are in your life. This change of state will bring about even further reasons for gratitude and appreciation from the universe. You will see the changes taking place!!!
•We mentioned gratitude when it comes to compliments, in both receiving and returning compliments. However, there are many more gifts of life to be grateful for. You may well be feeling that your world is crumbling down, but by bringing into play the element of gratitude will bring back the gift of joy and happiness to you. Gratitude is a universal vibration that is recognized and rewarded being felt deep down in your very Soul. The inner you, that sometimes gets lost when you focus only on the sadness of life. By being grateful especially for the small things in life such as the sun rising and going down each day, the birds singing their songs, nature provides you everyday with sunshine as needed, rain, night and the very air in which you breathe.
•Yin and Yang bringing into BalanceWhen you put Yin and Yang into your daily life, imagine when you are receiving you are activating your Yin energy, and when you are responding with your Yang energy you are bringing about core balance for Joy and Happiness.
•Yin is the art or act of receiving: this is a feeling of peace and is passive. Yang on the other hand is the act of giving, this feels active bringing about the feeling of Joy. Both share equal parts when it comes to bringing about balance to your emotional health and well being.
•Be in the Moment: Allow yourself to Feel Pleasure & Joy To truly feel their presence and the joy they will feel due to your acceptance. This will help you to see beyond the physical side of things to bringing you into a sense of warm, pleasure and understanding. The true joy of them wanting to be with you and share with you, a part of who they are.
•Being present in the moment is vitally important because when you are rushed, distracted or feeling anxious your ability to receive will be diminished. So it is important that when you are with someone to take note of your state of mind and if you are distracted to slow down. This can be done by implementing a deep breath or even several. Telling yourself that this moment and person is important. Allow yourself to take pleasure in the moment.
•Each time you are present with a someone, whether that be a perfect stranger, friend or a family member and they offer you a gift, a smile, or a compliment, or their time: Stop all other thoughts, activities to enjoy being just in the moment with the person you are with.
•Realize & Accept that you are Enough!
•Quite often many people have trouble with the concept of receiving because they have come to a false belief that they are unworthy or they haven't done anything or even enough to receive. Receiving isn't based on how much you have done or not done, it is based on you and in enabling your ability to receive this brings you into a recovering position of where "You are Enough." You are Loved.
•Become Aware of what you Receive Each Day! Notice what you receive every day.It could be someone smiles at you whilst walking on the street, the shop assistant gave you a compliment, someone has held a door open for you, or someone has shared an important piece of information with you, someone has helped you out at work without you realizing it or someone has engaged you in their day by just saying - "Hello".Each day you receive special gifts such as the food on your plate, the cup of coffee you just drank, the refrigerator you have to store your food. The list goes on from the supermarkets to purchase your goods to the truck drivers, store employees, farmers and more the list goes on and on. You may or may not remember this saying: "Be Grateful for Small Mercies", there are thousands of "Small Mercies" to be Grateful for and some quite more substantial ones as well.
•By noticing these moments of which you are already receiving, you will become more comfortable with receiving more in a variety of other ways.
•Each day you are receiving, you may have to stop and begin to take notice of what you have been receiving. Becoming aware of each day of the gifts that come your way that you already are receiving.
•Respect your Feelings of Resistance: But don't Allow them to overtake you!
•There may well be times where you will feel resistant or uncomfortable when it comes to receiving, because you may feel that it is not meant for you as such. This may be an energy whereby the givers energy does feel right or a match for you. There may seem to be strings attached where you don't want to become involved. It is OK to accept these feelings respecting that this is you tapping into your intuition and examining any unwanted circumstances. So in this case if it is a gift, prize or something just quite out of the ordinary for no valid reason you may wish to decline. You can do this with grace and respect. Just by saying something like: " I appreciate the thought but I feel that I am not able to accept this gift at this present time."

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