You may have heard about the trending TokyoTreat Japanese Snacks and candies subscription. But you may be wondering whether it is worth the effort. This article provides you with the answers you need on the same.

Importance of the Japanese candies/snack’ssubscription

The Japanese subscription allows you to access Japanese popular and tasty candies and snacks from the comfort of your home. Therefore,Tokyo treat is a juicy deal that delivers you sweet candies without draining your wallet. Your box of delicious candies and savory snacks is delivered to you every month. There is always a new and attractive box theme each month. These themes are based on events and seasons in Japan. At, you can find more information on Tokyotreat Japanese candies.

Who is eligible for Japanese subscription plans?

 If you are not sure whether you are the right candidate for the Japanese subscriptions that will depend on whether you love Japanese candies and snacks. Also, even if you never had a chance to taste Japanese candies, but love snacks and candies with different flavor combinations, then, the Japanese subscription is the way to go.

Besides, you can surprise your loved one on their big day, let’s say birthday, wedding, Mother’s Day just to mention but a few. Tokyotreat box is the best for a person who adores Japanese flavors and uniqueness.

How much is Tokyo Treat Box Pricing?

There are 2 Tokyo Treat boxes to select from. The prices all depend on the number of months. The price is reflected in the US dollar. For instance, the premium plan box comes with seventeen impressive Japanese treats. Its cost is as follows;

3Months -$33.50/ box

6Months- $32/box

12months- $31.50/box

The second box is the classic box that comes with twelve great Japanese treats. Its cost is as follows;

3Months $24.50/Box

6Months $23.00/box

12Months $22.50/box

However, if you are a new customer, you may be skeptical. Therefore, you prefer to give Tokyotreat a trial without first signing up for the subscription. If so, you can as well order for an individual box. The classic individual box will cost you $25 while the premium costs $35. That way, you will test and conclude whether to buy the Japanese subscription.

What is TokyoTreat Shipping cost?

The most interesting part about the Japanese snack’s subscription is the fact that shipping is internationally free every month. Apart from the free shipping offer, you will fall in love with Japanese candy box packaging. Their attention to detail is impressive. This is evident in their Candy boxes packaging style.

For instance, the outer layer of the box is very colorful, it steals your attention from afar. Also, the box comes with a handy booklet. The book has a list of everything that is included in the box. Also, from the booklet, they highlight some exciting things tourists can engage in, in Japan. Other information included is Tokyo treat promotions as well as simple instructions on how to take DIY snacks. The instructions are in the English language.

From what you have read, the Japanese subscription is an excellent deal. There is no better way to kick stress and tension out of your veins than taking the tasty Japanese candies and snacks.

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