If you're like many people, you probably have a lot of "junk" in your trunk - and possibly even in your back seat, console and glove box! Although it's definitely a good idea to be prepared for emergencies, carrying a variety of different supplies around in your vehicle can be an organizational challenge. If you want to reclaim your vehicle's space and get better organized at the same time, here are a few ideas that can help you get the job done right. By following these easy tips, you'll be able to get organized and maximize every inch of your vehicle's space at the same time.

Start with the Trunk

Even though your car's trunk may be quite messy, it's definitely possible to conquer the chaos. The first step is to take everything out of the trunk so that you can see what you have stored there. Once you've taken inventory, decide if you really need everything. If you don't need it - get rid of it. Before you put even one item back, be sure to clean the trunk out thoroughly, using a vacuum if necessary. Once the entire area is clean and tidy, you're ready to put things back in a more organized fashion.

Finding a Home for Everything

When putting essential items back into the trunk, it's important to use good organizational strategies. After all, if you just pile your essentials back into the trunk space, chances are the area will simply become disorganized all over again. Containers can be quite helpful when organizing a vehicle's trunk. For example, you could use a plastic shoebox to hold items such as maps, or a oversized zip-up plastic bag to hold your spare blanket and jacket. Instead of simply tossing a handful of tools into the trunk, organize them in a toolbox. By putting items in containers, they will stay clean, neat, organized and accessible when you need them.

Your Car's Interior

Thankfully, most car interiors are a bit more organized as compared to the trunk. However, there are definitely organization techniques you can use in order to keep your vehicle's interior in tip-top shape. Again, you should start by removing everything from the vehicle, assessing whether you really need to keep each item in your car. Give all interior surfaces a good cleaning, including vacuuming the carpet if necessary. Important items such as your owner's manual, registration and proof of insurance should be stored safely in the glove box, along with any other small items that you use frequently.

Then, look for better ways to store the items you really need. Plastic containers and organizers can be as useful in your vehicle as they are in your home. A CD holder designed to fit over your sun visor can help keep your music collection safe and neat. An over-the-seat organizer can help keep children's toys handy and organized. A trash canister designed for vehicles can help you keep your vehicle neat.

Once you've organized your car's interior and trunk, you'll probably find that you actually enjoy driving your vehicle more than you did previously. Although it can take a bit of time and effort to get a vehicle clean and tidy, it's definitely time and effort well spent.

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