The U.S. has been quivering by nationwide dissents over the brutal killing of an African-American man in police custody. George Floyd, 46, deceased after being captured by police outside a shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The CCTV recording of the arrest on 25 May shows a white cop, Derek Chauvin, stooping on Mr. Floyd’s neck while he was wedged to the floor. Mr. Chauvin, 44, has since been accused of murder.

Records of police bodycam film clearly display Mr. Floyd said beyond what multiple times he was unable to breathe as he was restricted by the officials.

The essential occasions that prompted Mr. Floyd’s passing occurred inside only 30 minutes. In view of records from witnesses, video film, and authority explanations, this is what we know up until now.

It started with a report of a phony $20. A report was made on the night of 25 May, when Mr. Floyd purchased a pack of cigarettes from Cup Foods, a market.

Disbelieving that the $20 bucks he used to be fake, a store representative declared it to police.

Mr. Floyd had been living in Minneapolis for quite a long while in the wake of moving there from his local Houston, Texas. As of late, he had been functioning as a bouncer in the city at the same time, similar to a vast number of different Americans; he was left redundant at hands of the coronavirus pandemic.

This brutal event led to the series of protests and dissent across the nation, bringing people on roads smashing the lockdown orders all at once. However, the influence did not only linger to the U.S. alone, the footages of Floyd’s pleading and merciless killing took the internet by storm. They became a moment of global movement #BlackLivesMatter.

This shocking incident led the world to loathe and wake up to bring change. Soon, the impact of the international campaign was visible across the U.K. as well. Locals from each part of the U.K. were protesting in favor of the dissidents in America infuriated by the demise of George Floyd on 25 May.

Though Floyd took his last breath about 4,000 miles from the U.K. in Minnesota, yet his demise was felt here in the U.K.’s community of color as well. That is why individuals resisted U.K. government coronavirus orders and went out to dissent toward the end of the week.

In spite of the fact that George Floyd was man slaughtered in the U.S., the nationals of the U.K. realized that it occurs here as well, indicating to the instance of Mark Duggan.

He was a 29-year-old who was shot and slaughtered in 2011 while police in London were attempting to capture him under doubt of arranging violence and being in ownership of a weapon. Duggan’s demise ignited unrest in London, where cops are multiple times bound to utilize power against individuals of color than white individuals, and later over the U.K., An investigation jury in 2014 found that Mark Duggan was legitimately executed.

The bias that individuals of color in America face is a similar faced here in the U.K. At the point when one is harmed, the whole of humanity is wholly wrecked.

George Floyd was heard crying, “I can’t breathe” before he gave breathing forever. Floyd’s plea echoed across the planet, overheard by every nation across the globe. In America, fights have prompted ferocious fights among dissenters and police.

The cop who was seen with his knee on George Floyd’s neck for nine minutes during his capture for utilizing a phony $20 bill has been accused of homicide.

Race plainly had an influence on what happened two months back. However, with increased awareness and white individuals coming in the front to speaks for the rights of the colored community, there is a ray of hope witnessed. The belief that soon egalitarianism would be the norm across the world and souls would not be discriminated against or become victims of bigotry due to race.

Media is Sowing the Seed of Change

It cannot be denied that media has played an incredible job in bringing the world in one place to stand against the brutal bigotry that has resulted in thousands of deaths worldwide. It was media who displayed the killing to the extent that it shook people by the core. It was the media who become the voice of the family of the deceased. It was media who ignited the emotion of resentment among the general public, making them realize the need to raise their voice against the violence, for it is now or never.

This clearly depicts that media is indeed the agent of Change to produce a definite society in a new future. One such great change-maker is British Herald, the driving publication and media network, who must be praised for its tremendous endeavors to bring the issues concerning racial bias in the limelight.

British Herald, owned by UK-based Herald Media Network Limited, was revived and relaunched in 2018 and consolidated strengths in the digital media and communication market. In recent years, the British Herald has extended its stance in digital business, obscuring precincts and emerging as one of the leading players in the new digital media scene with more than 50M active users. The latest issue of eMagazine published by British Herald, embraced the dark mode theme, with white text imprinted to represent the profound grief on the ruthless killing of the neighborhood activist, George Floyd, 46. Additionally, the eMagazine featured the exclusive column title “Say It Name!” in remembrance of the events and happening that eventually led to the sad demise of the innocent soul. Indeed, the words of this featured article and the dark themed eMagazine, would serve as an indication of the alliance that media wishes to portray for bringing people together by forgetting the race and religious roots, for humanity, is above everything. Only if media continues to play its perpetual role in bringing change, and not just occasionally, the world soon would, in reality, become a better place, will we all heartily desire for. Without a doubt, this effort of the British Herald is worth commending!

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