Many people are lying in order to drive car insurance premiums down, an expert believes.

Eagerness to ensure they get the best possible price is leading Britons to be economical with the truth on applications for car insurance, an expert has suggested.

According to Andrew Hagger of online resource Moneynet, the pivotal factor for the majority of drivers searching for annual insurance to protect their vehicle is how much available packages cost.

And this, the expert noted, can result in individuals "not being 100 per cent truthful" in order to drive down the fees on any car day insurance deal.

Mr Hagger went on to explain that the most common part of a policy lied about is where the vehicle is going to be parked, as this can alter the premiums attached to products.

Research published by last week (June 29th) showed that 14 per cent of Britons are guilty of lying to get better car insurance deals and Mr Hagger insisted this is a sign of the times as many people feel the pinch on their finances.

According to, there are a number of ways that drivers can 'tweak' their car insurance application in order to reduce the quoted premium. One method that has proven to cut the cost of car insurance is to change your occupation title while ensuring it still reflects your job.

This is because insurers do a risk assessment against each category, so if more computer managers have accidents than general managers, then you could save by making the switch.

However, it is very important not to change it in such a way that it could be misleading.

Meanwhile, car insurance is set to become more expensive for younger drivers, it has been said.

Younger drivers are set to find it increasingly difficult to access car insurance deals, a specialist in the industry has suggested.

According to Simon Douglas, director of AA insurance, people in lower age brackets searching for annual insurance cover are likely to be presented with fewer options in the coming months and years and the number of companies willing to take such road users on is shrinking.

Mr Douglas was speaking following the publication of a report by Mazars, which stated that car day insurance premiums for younger individuals will go up by 50 per cent in the near future.

However, the expert noted that prices are "already becoming unaffordable" in "some inner city locations", as the number of claims made by this demographic is increasing, even though accident rates nationwide are falling.

This comes after Robert Gifford of the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety welcomed the government's new Continuous Insurance Enforcement law, which makes it illegal to keep uninsured vehicles.

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