The VoIP (Voice over Internet protocol) technology has introduced many software and solutions which consolidate the different organizations and businesses. The broadcasting solution is one of such solutions which have benefited many organizations. If you do not have much idea about the broadcasting solution, then this article will let you know the details of this powerful tool introduced by the VoIP technology.

What Is Broadcasting Solution?

A broadcasting system is a software solution which comes as an admin panel with the Graphical User Interface (GUI). This broadcasting system can be used to broadcast a message to a mass audience at the same time. It means if you want to send a message to your hundreds of clients at 10 PM on the 10th of august then the broadcasting solution will do it for you by a few single clicks. It means with a few simple steps, you can not only send the predefined message to hundreds of people, but can also schedule it so even if you forget to send the message the system will not.

Modes of Messages

Nowadays, the broadcasting solutions support many different modes of messages. You may get one or more based on your requirement. Some of the most famous modes of messages are listed hereunder:

• Voice call
• Text message aka SMS
• Fax
• Email

To take the full advantage of this powerful solution, you can send the same message using more than one mode. For example, send both voice message and an email to your audience at the same time.

How It Works?

As mentioned earlier, the broadcasting solution comes with a user friendly admin panel. Anyone with little or moderate knowledge of IT can operate this system to broadcast the message to the masses. The steps to be followed to send the broadcasting message are listed below:
• Create a campaign by following simple steps such as giving the name to the campaign
• Select the format or mode of the message such as Voice call, Email, Fax, SMS
• Upload the message to be sent
• Upload the contact details
• Schedule the message by setting up the date and time

That is it! The rest will be taken care by the system.

Features of the Broadcasting Solution

The broadcasting solution comes with many features. The key features of the broadcasting solution are listed hereunder:

• Web based admin panel so you can access this solution remotely any time you wish to
• Configurable messages so you can upload the custom message you want to send
• Text to speech converter so you can write a text message which will be converted into the voice message by the system itself
• The audio recording option to record your voice message (In case, you want to send a personalized voice message in your own voice)
• Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). This feature you can use by making it part of your message campaign where in you want to conduct a poll and require feedback from your client
• Concurrent call capability. It will make sure your infrastructure is used appropriately by sending more than one voice message at the same time
• Configure maximum number of retries. This feature is very much useful in case of the voice broadcasting campaign. It will make sure to retry for n number of times if it cannot reach to the targeted person in the first or n attempts. Here, then can be any number, you want to set for maximum tries.
• Detailed Reports, which will give you the complete details of your campaign so you can gauge the success or failure and also count the ROI.

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