Products that fulfil needs of their customers and provide greater value than its competitors are able to gather massive response from their target market. This surely is the core of success but in today’s economic situation, a customer has such enormous choices available that he/she only goes for those quality products that are easily available. Very few customers bother to search for new and better products in the market. It is actually the company that needs to make all efforts to bring its products or services under limelight.

Marketing or advertising help businesses gather this limelight. Stronger your marketing strategy, stronger will be your brand impact and greater will be the trust of your customers. Things are simple when said but practically loads of peculiar things must be considered while launching any campaign or promoting any product. Brochures are one of the strongest tools to promote a particular product in the industry. The basic purpose of brochure is to attract people to buy that particular product therefore it has to be appealing and convincing but everything needs to be done according to budget.

Budget is important because brochure isn’t the only thing that one needs to use for its marketing. There are several other tools that are mandatory to be used for product promotion. One should determine an approximate cost before selecting any brochure design. Do you know some of the important things that can affect the cost of your brochure? If not then read below to get the details.

Quality of Paper
One can find paper in wide range of quality. Price also varies with the quality. One should always select the paper first before beginning with other features of brochure design. Quality and number of total pages are the two elements that need to be considered while estimating the cost of a brochure. Budget is important but this doesn’t mean that you should compromise over quality. No matter how good the images or content your brochure has but if the paper quality is not up to the mark then the whole objective will be lost.

Suppose you are going for a high quality paper but you have to decrease the total number of pages in your brochure to maintain the budget then it is a good approach rather than increasing the number of pages and decreasing paper quality. Content and images can be managed effectively within short number of pages as well.

Number and Types of Colours
Number of colours and their quality also affects the cost of a brochure design. One must keep this important factor in mind. Colours add value to a brochure but if colours used, are of low quality then this will surely ruin all your efforts therefore one must keep the cost and quality of colours in mind during the designing phase.

Some organizations don’t bother to evaluate the cost until the designing process is completed. This isn’t a professional approach because cost should always be evaluated before finalizing any design. One should remain in coordination with his/her printing company from the very beginning so that the designing process can go hand in hand with the printing process and errors can be avoided.

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Claudia Winifine is a social media specialist and likes to share her views on Logo Design & Brochure Design.