Meet Cole Eiswerth, our hunting & fishing ambassador in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We are going to do some interesting and useful conversation about hunting & fishing. Let's start the conversation:

First off, where are you from, what do you do, and how did you get into it?

I am from Central Pennsylvania, Jersey Shore to be exact. I am currently a college student at West Virginia University majoring in Environmental Soil and Water Conservation. I got into that because I want to help and educate the people so they can help the world, especially the environment, so future generations can have the opportunity to experience all the outdoor activities that are available.

Turkey Hunting Season

Tell us your life story as seen through fishing and hunting (skip all that boring stuff that doesn’t involve being outside)

I have been fishing for as long as I can remember. It all began at my great-grandfathers pond, watching a bobber dunk under and then reeling in bluegill with my father and brother. I began fly fishing around the age of 14. My friend and I self-taught ourselves and learned on the water together from our mistakes. Ever since, fly fishing has become a strong passion of mine. I have had the experience to chase everything from tiny native brook trout from small blue lines in PA to northern pike in Canada.

I began hunting at a young age as well. That started from following my dad around squirreling hunting with a BB gun to having the opportunity to harvest countless small game animals, numerous deer, several turkeys, a couple of predators, and even a Pennsylvania black bear. My dad played the largest role in getting me interested hunting. Now I participate in just about every season PA has to offer. I small game hunt, archery, rifle, and muzzleloader hunt for deer, and turkey, bear, and predator hunt.

In this post, Cole Eiswerth discusses about the Turkey Hunting Season, fishing, environment, outdoor activities and many more. To read the whole conversation, visit here "Brook Trout, Turkey Hunting, and The Next Generation: Meet FarWide Ambassador Cole Eiswerth".

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