When we speak of neurotechnology, we refer to those devices and techniques capable of producing changes in the electrical activity of the user's brain. When these occur, we may experience deep, stress-relieving relaxation, increased receptivity to information (with the ability to process and recall it), and automatic changes in dysfunctional thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. With any luck, we may enter a creative reverie with fertile ideas and solutions to problems. Some people use the technology to improve their ability to learn and remember, some to center and establish a base of tranquillity in a stressful world, and others for entertainment. We think of our products as accelerators of change.

Every thought, feeling, sensation, and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern. If you want to control your
experience, learn to control your brain waves. Until now, that meant lots of hard work practicing some form of mind control
with little guarantee of success. Happily, the way to squeeze more performance, joy, and connectedness out of your grey
matter (almost effortlessly) has arrived.


Mind machines come in a number of forms and flavors. The most well-known and effective measure the brain's electrical
activity and then pulse lights and sounds to control that activity. Such devices, through flickering lights and precisely controlled rhythmic tones, stimulate and synchronize the hemispheres of the brain while entraining the brain wave frequencies into desirable states of consciousness. The study of these brainwave patterns, the summation of the brain's electrical activity, as represented by electroencephalography EEG), has led scientists to the discovery that different brainwave patterns are associated with different states of awareness. Four main patterns have been recognized:

Beta Waves 13 - 30 Hz Alert state
Alpha Waves 8 - 12 Hz Relaxed wakefulness
Theta Waves 4 - 7 Hz Reverie, imagery
Delta Waves .5 - 3 Hz Deep sleep

In the '30s, researchers found that repetitive light stimulation (strobing) caused brain waves to follow and pulse at the same
frequency. This frequency following response (entrainment) forms the foundation for many of the effects of mind machines.
Today's mind machines have lights in glasses that pulse at predetermined frequencies, generally from 1 to 40 cycles per second (Hz). You close your eyes and see hypnotic colors and patterns in your mind

If you select a session with a target frequency in the low alpha or theta range, you should feel a change in awareness within a
few minutes. Many people report a floating feeling. Your attention may start to wander as your thoughts become less linear and logical. Perhaps you may find yourself in a lucid dream complete with sights, sounds and feelings. Some people, auditory types, often hear words in the pulsed sounds. This indicates theta activity and heightened creativity. Because your sense of time changes during the session, it may seem as if you have slept. Usually you will feel a definite difference between your state before the session and how you feel during the session.

Most programs start out in the beta frequency range (13-40 Hz.) and gradually slow (ramp) to the target range. The initial
phase may seem frantic, but these frequencies come closest to the brain's when starting. This closeness makes entrainment
possible. Starting out a session in theta, for instance, would make it difficult for a beta dominant brain to synch up. This frantic, almost psychedelic phase passes quickly as the pulsing slows. Some users may not find the first sessions very entraining. This happens when you remain analytical, excited at the novelty of the experience or resistant to letting go. Letting go of control stimulates the production of alpha and theta rhythms. In the beginning, most users will benefit from simply "going with the flow" even if that includes losing awareness


These rhythms affect the body/mind profoundly with lasting effects even without the user's conscious participation. Many users will notice immediate, spontaneous changes in their attitudes and behavior. Others may need to have regular sessions for a number of weeks before the desired results appear. Once the balancing and stress-reducing effects of mind machines become engrained, the devices remain useful for power naps, creativity boosting, and accelerated learning.

With the relief of tension/stress/resistance in the body/mind, the user becomes receptive to information from "inside" and
"outside" essential to fundamental change. Spoken words during certain L/S session will embed in deep layers of the user's
consciousness to change thoughts, feelings and behavior automatically. The HPP tapes (pg. 10) have an amazing effect when
combined with Mind Gear Light and Sound Relaxation.

By stimulating balanced, abundant neurotransmitter production, expanding neural pathways, and programming desirable,
ecologically sound behaviors, mind machines can enhance physical healing and homeostasis, intellectual performance
(creativity/IQ attentional flexibility), and greatly improved sense of well-being long after the session.

The state of deep rest and hemispheric balance possible with L/S technology can rejuvenate the body/mind and have lasting
effects in every area of one's life. To understand how this technology works, try a system for a month. You will experience the power for yourself.

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