Brought by Thought

The power of thought is a force above all other forces that we are aware of scientifically. I recently read a story that absolutely shook my very foundations, im going to share a little of that with you now.

A man who worked for a major railroad station repairing train cars was working on a refridgerated cargo car on a Friday afternoon when suddenly someone shut the door accidentally locking him inside. The man did everything he could to escape, calling out for help as well as leaving dents on the inside of the doors where he had tried his best to break himself free.

He finally gave up and wrote a note to his wife and children telling them how much he loved them and how he was freezing to death inside this train car. Monday morning when workers arrived and opened the door, the man, had froze to death. The autopsy revealed that this man, as you might guess, died from hypothermia.

But the most powerful part of this story in my opinion is that when the authorities investigated this matter, they found that the train car had been unplugged the entire time the man was locked inside. The tempature had been in the range of fifty degrees the entire time. This man, froze to death, only because he beleived he was. His body went into hypotherima due to his thoughts and beliefs alone. Let that sink in for a few moments.

Your thoughts, literally, create your reality. Your thoughts can give you everything you have ever desired. Your thoughts can also take everything away, your life not excluded. I am not sharing this with you to scare you, or to put you in fear. Rather, I am sharing this with you to excite you. You see in the same way that this man believed he was freezing to death and created that reality. You can train yourself to believe you are healed, believe you are prosperous, believe you are successfull and you will create that very reality.

A belief is nothing more than a thought, that you have thought before and continue to think. Once we realize that we can come to the place where we take control of our thoughts and in turn, our beliefs.

I charge you to do this: Take an inventory of your thoughts and beliefs. Get very clear with yourself about the thoughts you allow on a consistent basis that are forming your beliefs about yourself as well as the world. Eliminate every thought from your mind that does not work to serve you. Banish every thought that paints a picture of what you would not like to see. Only allow your mind to paint the picture of you and your life the way you wish to see it, and focusing only on that.

"If you can see it, if you can believe it, if you act from it. It will show up for you." -Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith

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Author's Bio
Joe Riggs is a thirty two year old Mentalist, Psychological Entertainer & Consultant currently based in the West Palm Beach area.
Joe specializes in Mentalism, Mind Power, Suggestion, Psychological Profiling, Human Behavior & Consulting.

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