Gone are the days of pencil thin, tweezed within a hair of their life brows. People are now saying fuller, big brows are "in". While this may be true, don't go Brooke Shields on me yet! Fuller and bigger brows just mean in proportion to your face, as opposed to the pencil thin brows of the early 90's. This is part one of an article to teach you the first step to perfect brows. In the quest for the perfect arch, women have tweezed 1/2 their eyebrows off. It's time to recover your perfect brow, and the good news is that it's just waiting to grow or be filled in. Follow these steps to create the perfect brow shape. Remember to be objective in your measuring!

1. Take a make-up brush with a handle approximately the size of a lip liner and put it along the side of your nostril (where it dents in) with the brush tip angled straight up to your brow. Make a mark with powder and this is the point where your brow should start. It is not the point above the inner corner of your eye.

2. Take that brush and now place it at the base corner of your nostril and follow an imaginary line to the outside corner of the eye. Make a mark, and this is the ending point of your eyebrow.

3. Place the brush handle on the tip of your nose and angle the brush so it crosses over your iris. Make a 3rd mark and this is where the all important arch should be located.

The highest part of your brow is the arch. If you follow along the roots of the hairs to where the highest point is, that is your arch. Don't go from the top part of your brow. If you have over-tweezed, your arch will most likely be too close to your nose as opposed to diagonal from the iris. Brows are so important because they give proper balance and symmetry to your face. Studies show, the more symmetrical your face is, the more beautiful you appear to others. Look at pictures of yourself from the past with different brow shapes to see how your face changes with each brow. If you look at most celebrities, they have balanced brows that are not very thin like the average woman. They tend to leave their brows to the professionals. You'll really notice the difference in pictures of celebrities in their early years before they had a team of groomers. Some great before and after celebrity brows are Julia Roberts and Madonna. Sometimes it's best to "step away from the tweezer".

Here are a few examples of celebrities with great balanced brows: Oprah, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Faith HIll, Hilary Swank. Here are a few examples of celebrities with questionable brows: Hillary Clinton, Hayden Panettiere, Kelly Ripa, Marlene Dietrich and of course Donald Trump.

So recover your brows and recover your beauty! Stay tuned for the next article where I'll teach you about coloring your brows and the most effective technique for creating the perfect brow using pencil, powder and creams.

Author's Bio: 

Lora Condon is the owner of Magic Hands Skin and Body Studio in New Jersey. Loras experience ranges from doing makeup for Ladies Home Journal, ESPN and Good Morning America as well as being a trainer for Anastsia of Beverly Hills. Lora is an expert waxer as well as a reiki master and many find their way to Lora for healing as well as oxygen facials.