Bruises [also known as a contusion], they seem to appear from nowhere most of the time and are a temporary discoloration of ones skin due to the collection of blood in the area. Bruises that appear after a fall or accident are painful, tender and reddish in appearance but after a few hours the color slowly changes to a dark blue or purple then on to a yellowish/greenish color when they are in the final stages of healing. Though most bruises will not get infected there is a chance, if the skin has broken in that area, of the wound getting infected due to exposure to the air.

Bruising can be caused by other means [not only by bangs, falls or accidents] and may not be painful, these include blood disorders, thinning of the skin in the elderly and extreme strain [resulting in microscopic tears in blood vessels underneath the skin].

Home remedies to ease pain and help prevent discoloration [due not use on broken skin]

1) Ice pack - relieves pain and helps reduce swelling and discoloration
2) Heat - use a heat pad the day after the ice pack to assist with dilating the blood vessels thus increasing circulation
3) Comfrey tea - prevents discoloration while reducing pain
4) Vinegar - Heinz or apple cider will assist with the healing process [apply with cotton wool to the area]
5) Herbal flowers- mix some mullein flowers into olive oil and apply to the affected area
6) Anica oil - gently rub into affected area, this oil has soothing and healing properties
7) Raw egg - mix till yellow and apply to area to assist with healing

If there is more to the contusion than just bruising [has a open wound], gently cleanse the wound with a antiseptic like savlon, apply a dressing with a antibiotic cream to prevent infection and treat the area around this dressing with any of the above [ensure you do not get the dressing wet etc].

Improving ones diet can assist with the healing of bad bruises:

* increase your vitamin C intake by eating more fruit and vegetables that are rich in this vitamin
* increase your onion and garlic intake [garlic is a natural antibiotic]
* avoid mucus forming foods like dairy, sugar, sweets etc
* drink plenty of fluids - water, herbal teas etc

Try to stop smoking [and drinking] at this time as smoking interferes with circulation and will delay the healing time, try to avoid activities that could increase the chances of the area swelling, the first 48 hours are pretty vital in keeping the limb or area rested [no pressure or activity in this time]

Once again remember to consult your doctor if no signs of healing appear and if the pain increases due to inflammation, infection or swelling.

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