A wedding is a milestone when the bride wants to look lovely. She is the centerpiece of the event and she wears grand dresses like an Anarkali or a wedding saree. She also has her face and hands made up and adorned with fine jewelry so she looks attractive. Getting dresses for the big event is one thing. Putting on the makeup and adornments is another.

Use of a makeup artist -

For getting the proper makeup, the bride uses a makeup artist. This is a person who is adept at the art of makeup. The makeup artist will come and do the makeup for special occasions. So, you can hire the Bridal Makeup Artist in Delhi for a nominal price and they arrive on the big day and do the makeup for all your friends and relatives. If you have a big group of friends, you must set aside more time for the makeup artist to do the makeup.

Making a woman beautiful -

Getting the right makeup transforms the bride into an alluring and beautiful woman. The basic steps for getting a makeup will begin with the cleansing of the face and preparing it. Put on the foundation and powder that match the skin tone. Next is the eyeshadow that we prepare by using an eyeliner to highlight the eyes. Elongate lashes with mascara. Next, apply blush to the cheekbones to make your face look attractive.

Great brushes for makeup -

Applying makeup with your fingers is messy. It will not give you the uniformity needed for a natural look. The simplest brushes you need to do the makeup include the following:

Flat concealer brush - You can tap most concealers with a finger and get the work done. But, having a good, flat concealer brush helps you to apply concealer in small areas effectively. You can pick and blend even thick products and the pointed tip helps you apply the concealer with good effect. You can use the flat side to apply shimmery eye makeup. The flat, packed bristles allow you to get a shiny finish.

Fluffy face powder brush - To apply face powder, you don’t need sponges, you need a brush. You can use the services of a Celebrity Makeup Artist in Delhi if you live in Delhi because many makeup artists live there. This big brush lets you use a light hand, the soft bristles and domed shape help in the uniform application and removal of powder on the face. You can dust some bronzer across your chest to get the shimmery look.

Flat highlighter brush - Useful for strobing, this amazing brush helps you with the highlighting. Choose firmly bristled, medium sized and quite flat so that you can press shimmer into the skin with the flat side. If the brush is fluffy, you will not have enough control. Pick those brushes that have slightly rounded ends.

Firm bristle angled brush for brow - Eyebrows are important and doing in blank spots or drawing a new line needs a brush that has firm bristles.

Then, there are a few things like never to wear blush and bronzer together. And, use a dense brush for liquid makeup.

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