With the increased use of online services, it is essential to understand the trends in the retail industry. A survey shows that 71% has already expanded beyond brick and mortar to online stores. According to Statista, by 2022, the total number of grocery app users in the US is expected to reach mark of 30.4 Million consumers. Though the challenge at present is the inability to make a profit. To provide valuable services, such as free and immediate delivery, retailers spend a lot of money, which is not sustainable in the long run. Aspiring entrepreneurs and current players are in retail segment are striving to make their business tech-driven and reach maximum consumers in the coming period.

Meanwhile, budget turning out to be critical parameter to conclude on a mobile app development project. Let’s discuss some factors that play a vital role in development planning and execution.

Common Factors That Shouldn’t Be Missed In Mobile App Development

• Competition analysis
Do competitors also have similar types of iOS or Android applications? Are there additional resources?

• Development schedule
When do you finally want to start or deploy the application on different platforms?

• Marketing
How will you promote your application? What are the cheapest but most effective ways to promote your app?

• Languages and platforms
What are the different web programming languages used for grocery application development? Like Objective C or Swift programming in iOS and languages like Kotlin and Java are known for developing applications on the Android platform.

• Plugins and APIs
What happens if the users of the application do not have an intermediary? In offline mode, applications may require appropriate APIs to download and store data locally.
Moving ahead, let focus on the budgeting parameters.

Cost-Linked Factors For Profitable Grocery Mobile App Development

Cost is a vital aspect because you always need to have a fixed budget to develop a business. Advanced features like chat and integrated calls can seem very tempting, but there are additional costs to consider.

Below are the primary cost elements of a mobile application for business,

Maintenance and updating - The work is not just limited to the mobile app development. It should push regular updates for customers. Regular maintenance is also required to clear the system's unnecessary cache and cookies. These functionalities also contribute to the smooth functioning of the application.

Development team - If a precise fusion of HTML and CSS is required, creating applications can be a bit expensive. Prices also vary depending on the class of developers and experts you hired to create the app.

Platform - Android is undoubtedly the most used platform today, followed by iOS. But with the rise of tablets and phablets, apps need to be sensitive to screens of different sizes and resolutions are very important.

Getting in-depth, sub-segment that have major impact on the cost are listed below.

Factors To Consider While Determining The Cost of a Grocery App

So far, we have covered critical factors for creating an application to make your business productive and efficient in the long run.

Still, you might need to add a lot more functionality for streamlined grocery delivery operations such as,

• Application platform
• Size
• Design
• Customization required
• Advanced functions
• Cart processing function
• Payment gateway platform
• Integrated GPS navigation tracking

To the point,

Many large companies are already using the best technologies to improve the shopping experience for users. And if you want to stand out, use the best-advanced technologies. With all the current technological advances, 2020 will undoubtedly help bring some most lucrative opportunities with advent pioneering techs.

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