If you are planning to visit a disaster-prone area then the first thing you should carry along with you is the Bug out bag. If you are thinking that how to prepare a bug out bag then this article will definitely help you out. Here in this article, we are going to instruct you about what are the essential things you must include while preparing the bug out bag.

Basic bug-out bag items

Include the entire basic bug out bag items. First of all, it is important to include all the items that are basic and you will be in need of them frequently. Here is the list of frequently needed items you must include while preparing your bug out bag.


If you are going to visit another country then it is important to carry all your basic documents including the national identification document also. Along with the originals also add some copies. National identification documents will include driving license, passport, medical identification card, and others. There are many places where the electronic payment networks get available; in such cases, the cash payment plays an important role. Hence try to carry some physical cash also. Also, carry a list containing all the important and emergency dialing numbers.

Personal Items

Include some personal items that are necessary for your survival. The personal items will include the personal items will include a first aid kit along with the medicines and ointments, at least 4 litres of drinking water (try to store the water in sealed containers), ready to eat meals packs, head cover for protecting your head while walking in rain or sun, bug repellent, sunblock, and the medicines prescribed by the doctor along with glasses or contact lenses.

Communication Gear

Next items you must include while preparing your bug out bag our communication gears. Communication gears include a mobile phone along with extra prepaid SIM card,emergency radio to get all the latest news and emergency details, a pen, pencil and a notebook, physical copies of the local map, external battery with the motive to charge the electronic gears you are carrying along with you while traveling.

General Gear

Final items you must include are General Gears. General Gears are the items that you may carry for general purpose. These items include a multipurpose knife, Flashlight (along with an external battery), 550-lb paracord, handheld mirror, Phrasebook, "Normal" candle with matches (try to have some water resistant)


These are some of the essentials you must add while preparing your Bug out Bag. While preparing the Bug out Bag must remember it will not cost you low. It is important to carry the quality stuff that will help you in being alive in a much better way. No, you must be thinking that where I need to place the bag? The answer is the place from where you can easily pick it up at the time of risk. Well, the Bug out Bag does not guarantee your survival but yes it will definitely help you in survive in opposite conditions.

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Rahul Raheja