Home, family, work, quiet evenings at the TV and leisurely boardwalks in the park ... all this is in our life and certainly it is wonderful. But besides silence and complete relaxation, there comes a moment when the body shouts: “ I want to be free, I want extreme !! ” And if you feel this cry of the soul, do not resist !!))))

When my husband and I felt that it was TIME !!, we surfed the Internet in search of places suitable for our fighting driving mood. There are lots of options to cheer up ... paragliding, parachutes, ATVs and THEY .. buggy !! "Why not?" - we thought and went for a drive))

What is a buggy?

Buggy is a compact open terrain vehicle designed for sand and rough terrain. Great for desert safari dubai As can be clearly, there is nothing superfluous in the design (unfortunately, judging by the appearance, we did not get the newest machine, but this did not affect its speed and throughput).

What's inside?

In the "salon" - if you can call it that, given that there are no windows or doors))), there are two seats - a driver and a passenger.
Opposite the driver is the steering wheel, at the bottom are three pedals, on the right is the gearbox. To our surprise, the buggy has a 5-speed gearbox (for some reason we thought it would be just gas and a brake). Despite five programs, my husband mainly used the first three, and when I remembered them))) There is no speedometer, but it's a pity - it would be interesting to know how fast you jump over bumps.

Opposite the passenger - a handrail to keep yourself loved)) VERY necessary thing in this car I tell you !!

What about security?

Riding a buggy is an extreme activity , there is a risk of rolling over. Everything is in your hands here - the more competently you drive, the more you will be.

Before departure, the instructor clarifies your level of driving skills, tells the nuances of managing the buggy, gives recommendations on how to best drive through dangerous sections of the road.

And of course, safety belts and helmets are provided for your safety - the instructor personally latches all the carbines, making sure of their reliability.

In addition, you are all skating under the watchful eye of an instructor. He rides in front of you (a decent distance, does not interfere with your skiing), shows the road and makes sure everything is ok, in which case he will immediately come to the rescue.

We listened to the briefing, fastened our seat belts, set sail off !!))
At first, we go slowly, we get used to the typewriter. At first I even thought that everything was not so scary, such an easy walk with the breeze ... yeah, !!

We go to the top of the mountain and rushed ... descents, ascents, turns, bumps ...

Despite the shock absorbers available in the buggy, the jolts in the machine are not at all weak. The fact that there are no windows or doors in the cockpit also adds a thrill to the sensations, and both my husband and I held on to all that I could)) At the same time, my husband did not slow down at all ... we came for thrills, not evening promenade !!

At the same time, I want to note the skill of the instructor - he showed the road, but did not interfere on the way , he was driving at a decent distance. Thus, we could ride at any speed convenient for us, and he was already guided by us. To catch and overtake the instructor, we had no goal)) I can not imagine how fast he was racing and what it was like in a typewriter if he was driving faster than us, so as not to interfere. Well ... then he and the instructor))

We go further further ... on the slopes it takes your breath away and are afraid that you will now take off with the buggy, you stop breathing on the heights and think "just to climb up !!", on the smooth road we press on the gas and jump on the bumps))

How are you feeling?

Class !!! I want more!!!! - This is a small fraction of what was happening in my head.
The "aftertaste" cannot be expressed in words .. if during the ride and jumping through bumps people used to think “stop the ground, I’ll go down !!”, “mom save me” and all the same))), then you understand how cool it is with the car stopping It was!
A smile from ear to ear did not go away for a long time))))

I definitely liked the buggy ride, it’s a sea of ​​emotions, drive and memories for life! And of course I advise everyone to try such pokatushki!

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