One of the most powerful ways to change your self-image is to replace negative thoughts about yourself with positive ones. You do this by taking time each day to visualize how you would like to be. The more you visualize your ideal self-image, the more you will actualize it in your life.

This doesn’t happen as a result of wishful thinking; it happens because you are activating and releasing the inner potential that is currently dormant within you. You are waking up your CORE. You are creating yourself anew from the inside out!

Another powerful way is to start a “Victory Journal.” Here’s how:

Victory Journal Process

1. Beauty: Begin by choosing a notebook or journal. Pick something that uplifts and inspires you. You can even start with a regular, inexpensive notebook and glue a beautiful photograph or a picture from a magazine on the cover.

2. Rhythm: Set aside five to ten minutes each day for the process. The end of the day is an especially good time to do this, but the best time for you will be a time that you can commit to regularly.

3. Victory: During the time you’ve set aside, write in your journal all of the victories and successes you had that day. Whether the victory is big or small, include it.

Maybe you got up twenty minutes earlier to exercise. Or perhaps you took care of that difficult phone call you have been putting off. Maybe you said “no” to that big slice of chocolate cake. Your victories will be unique to you and your current situation.

As you do this, you might also recall past successes you have had. Write those down, too.

4. Celebrate: Now take a minute or two to absorb what you have written, and allow your successes to really soak in. Congratulate yourself for your victories!

5. Review: Every so often, particularly when you are having a hard day, go back through your journal and read about the successes and victories you have accomplished. This is a sure way to increase your confidence, boost your self-esteem, and get bigger about who you are.

By bringing your focus to your successes you are helping to build a new and more positive self-image. At the same time you are destroying the underlying image that may be holding you back. And that’s powerful!

This Victory Journal Process works because reflecting on past successes encourages us and gives us hope. This can help us break free of those self-defeating patterns, like procrastination. It raises our energy and enthusiasm, which enables us to take positive actions. And that leads to a life lived with Full Wattage!

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Excerpted from the book, Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to Living an Engaging and Purposeful Life Worth Celebrating by Liz Fletcher Brown. Get your free chapters as well as tips and tools to live a balanced, joy-filled life at